Tues Feb 5th 2013

6 43 a.m.

Best teacher debate. My friend gets everyone’s stuff ready and we’re all grateful. The loo, 2 people I know waiting for the loo while I was in there. Snow. Lots of snow. Always a possibility of being stuck somewhere in the snow. Someone’s house. A camera phone to take action shots but the battery is too low to let it happen. People I don’t know. Lots of mad activity. People being cordial, people having a good time. Not sure of where the house was, doesn’t seem familiar to anything in my memory. My cousins, stuck in the snow at my Aunts’ house though I don’t remember being at the house actually. Not sure. Sledge. Wanting to sledge. Some kind of shopping centre. Not familiar. My sister saying that she feels that if she leaves Dad will get sick. Billy agrees. Her best friend is now stick thin, she cycles from London and back every day. She’s dating this guy who is totally different and she isn’t really attracted to him. She doesn’t mind because he’s kind and generous and what else does she need, really? On the sofa. Waiting for a train. They are quite frequent but every one that arrives is packed full. There is another platform and a train seems to be standing there but I am stuck because the train might just leave as I get there. A black cab comes onto the platform full of people and more people cram into it. We don’t want to, we’d rather wait. Two people standing on the platform too. A couple. Girl is pretty, conventional, smiley, has an open face. Guy has long-ish hair and seems to be dressed in a dressing gown type thing, like a man – kimono but not as stylish as the kind of thing you’d expect David Bowie to have worn in Ziggy Stardust days. The guy starts to sing and sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay. He gets into the lift and disappears. We are on the train. It is a busy train but we make it on. A familiar face is on the seat next to me but I can’t remember who. On the train and the girl (I think) is on there, one seat empty next to her. A load of people get on the train, one guy gets on and she recognises him (can’t remember if it was her boyfriend) but another random guy sits on the seat next to her. The guy politely asks the other guy if he could sit there and points to another empty seat but the guy says no. Their conversation is whispered. The train wasn’t a horrid train. On the platform they turned blue in there, the other platform had a stationary East Midlands train waiting but this one was blue and everything inside looked blue. The seats weren’t in rows, they were in a rectangular shape with the seats facing inwards. The train timetable said there were 2 trains per hour on the platform, that’s why we went and stood on that platform rather than the other one. Not sure where we’d been. Back to the snow. Lots of food supplies at my Aunt’s house. It’s okay if we get stuck there in the snow. Can’t remember how I actually felt during any of these dreams, mainly images and faces. Grumpy! I suppose it’s early. Don’t want to forget this stuff!  Everyone is getting changed, nothing weird or awkward about this. Seems natural. My friend has made tea for everyone and is getting everything ready for everyone. Not sure what we were actually getting ready for. Some kind of show. The middle dream, familiar faces dressed in different stuff making them unrecognisable. A couple of Japanese tourists. A mother and her baby. Young and smiley. Group photos being taken. A discussion about taking action shots while everyone was being a bit bonkers but in a cool free way, don’t remember anything weird. Just people being happy. A load of people on the sofa. People seeming to have a genuinely good time. The atmosphere warm but not sure anyone actually knew anyone else apart from a couple or two. Don’t have the impression, anyway. What else. I can’t remember. Wooden floors. The house was nice, felt like it was tastefully decorated. Could even have been my place, felt like I was hosting in a way. The snow dream. One man. Didn’t see his face. He was dressed in black, black coat, hat, walking through the streets alone. Didn’t interact with him, just noticed him and wondered if he’d be able to get home in the blizzard. Saw him lots though, like he was walking with me but there was distance between us. Reminds me now of the Kurosawa piece in “Dreams” about the blizzard. Insane. Brilliant. Anything else. Anything. Just images that I’ve written down. Outside the house dream I go on a mission to find the missing people, it’s grey and glum outside the house. Inside the house it’s warm and light, outside, as I search for the missing people it’s glum but when I bring them to the house it’s all worth it.

Fragments. Just fragments. Dreams are bizarre.

And now it’s time for tea.


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