Fri 8th Feb 2013

7 05 a.m.

Tense. Tense. Feeling tense this morning. The sensation of “space” isn’t present in my body, feels scrunched up and tight. Will stretch to release some of the tension. Twinge in my knee. Is two workouts a day too much? I doubt it. Probably just a morning twinge. Can’t get Astral Weeks out of my head. Why would I want to? It’s one of my all time favourite songs! But it hurts. It hurts. Can’t believe how AMAZING Daniel Day Lewis was in Lincoln. What a performance. Know EVERYONE is going on about it and he’ll probably get the Oscar an’ all but it was so inspiring! Wonder if he based the physicality on an elephant. Because of the flat footed walk, the lumbering, slow walk, the way he let his head hang forward, and his gaze, like it was always staring at something in the distance that no one else can see also the amazing moment when he gets angry, explosive and powerful because you see him go from what appears to be a calm gaze to a RAGE. And Sally Field. My God. She is AMAZING! I’m always impressed with her, she is one of my favourites. What a power couple! Really enjoyed the movie, was massively inspiring. I love going to the cinema. Still such an experience for me. I get excited when the lights go down and the credits start to roll and the anticipation starts to build and I’m totally ready to let the film take me wherever it was to go and when you’re there, you’re present and fully committed to what’s on screen and it’s awesome. Well I’m there anyway. Yesterday we went to the film at 5 30. Not the most popular time and it was in this small cinema so there were only 2 other people in the cinema, both OAPs, both men, both alone. Somehow, mobile phones went off during the movie. Argh! I don’t know. I shouldn’t get annoyed about such petty things and am even capable of handling a few accidental beeps signalling the arrival of a text message but all the way through a film?! It just seems like such a WASTE of an opportunity to be transported to another world and potentially find another wonderful film to add to your bank of favourites. I suppose I’m just hopelessly stuck in my ways when it comes to the cinema. That I’m in the minority when it comes to this. Anyway Lincoln was awesome. I really enjoyed it, mainly because of the incredible central performances. The supporting cast were excellent too. I really can’t fault anyone’s efforts on that one.

My hair smells of coconut. Not sure how that’s even possible but it does. People on the radio were talking about the historical ideas of the human body this morning which was interesting. I’m really interested in that. Man my shoulders are tense. It’s distracting me and this tension with the tension in my neck is really distracting and it’s bothering me. I am going to go and stretch because that’s all my mind seems to be on at the moment. Don’t want to be carrying so much bodily tension around with me. Learnt a bit about the skeletal system yesterday, that was fun. I like learning. Anyway going to go and stretch. Can’t think of anything else until I do. The shower has stopped.


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