Thurs Feb 7th 2013

7 34a.m

Didn’t sleep basically all night but did fall asleep at about 6am, or just after the 6am news on Radio 4 and now the alarm has gone off and life is starting again for another day. One eye is closed as I write. Strangely my writing doesn’t look too bad but there you go. I may look back on this later and find that I can’t read it at all.

Woke up with the song that goes with the credits of Reservoir Dogs in my head. What’s it called? Little Green Bag I think. Such a good song! Anyway it’s in my head. Dreams. Okay. I have bits in my head. Just yawned. Okay. Driving into a car park, one other car is parked. Gravel. We park next to the other car. We want to walk the dog. A man gets out of the car and summons a dog, the dog, and starts to walk it. The guy is cool, decked out like he is going to explore the Arctic or something. We follow him awkwardly, not walking with him, but close enough to feel like we are almost walking him. A different dream. Student house. Living in a student house. Get up because need something, can’t remember what. Walk down a street and run and end up at Fitness First on Old Street. The door is open, the gym looks kind of open but it’s deserted. I find it odd. A set of lockers standing blocking the view into the gym. I am in sleepy clothes, a t shirt but my legs are bare and I’m cold. Leave the gym confused. Then walking, the street is familiar but I don’t think it’s Old Street. Lots of red brick buildings and a park on the left. I bump into one of my housemates who has just stopped smoking but says she can’t let go of wearing skins. I don’t know what that means, she shows me and I don’t think it’s cool but don’t tell her. There is another friend with her, can’t remember who, vut she is also close because I remember we laughed a lot. I don’t have the keys to get into the flat although I am in my sleepy gear and it’s cold. Damn! Lucky I bumped into my flat mate. Possibly a different dream in a bedroom that’s darkened but there is a small amount of daylight coming through the curtains. With friends, talking. It’s not my bedroom. The person who’s bedroom it is isn’t around but is arriving later on that day. She does arrive with some of her friends who I have met but don’t have a relationship with, particularly. Can’t remember much else. A mobile phone. The whole of our relationship is logged on that phone, basically. But a load of stuff has been deleted, the really difficult stuff has been deleted. The phone has been set so that the text is MASSIVE. Ridiculous. Takes too long to scroll through ONE TEXT MESSAGE! Anything else. Anything. Can’t remember anything else. Frustrating! My eyes are watery and I’m yawning constantly. Can’t communicate properly, brain cells like mush. Want to go back to sleep but have daily responsibilities to fulfil, dammit! Haha. Lots to do today, actually. Just stretched my legs, man that felt good. God it’s 7 mins to 8!! Late late late!!! Apparently it won’t be as cold today, yay! Fingers crossed. Another massive yawn. Need to go and get ready for the day. Eyes watery. Yaaaaawn!!


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