Fri Feb 15th 2013

7 15 a.m.

Check out day. Sad. Have to get up soon and pack up, get to the gym, sauna and steam room and then massage! Yeah! That’ll be fun I reckon. Haven’t had a massage for a LONG time. Sleepy. Okay sleep, but lots of Radio 4 listening over the course of the night. Really enjoyed the play last night, quite different to the Brecht one we saw on Wednesday in tone but still very good and glad we saw two things which had such different energy. One was very intellectual in tone, the other, sheer melodrama and both were of the highest quality. Amazing venue, haven’t been there for a good 10 years so it was awesome to go back! Last night’s play felt more like a kids’ play really, but it was really creatively staged and the opening scene with the puppet mastiff, amazing. Loved the music too, can’t beat nice loud pulsing drums on stage. Have bits of dreams in my head. One, a separate swimming pool. Small but not tiny, about the size of a hot tub,  I suppose. A couple have their baby in there (I am behind glass) to practice swimming. They leave the room and the baby looks quite happy, we are standing outside semi watching. Eventually I start thinking, amazing, that baby must be really fit, I’d be exhausted if  I was holding myself up for so long. I say to Billy. Then we both realise that the baby doesn’t look so happy anymore and Billy goes in and saves the baby, who screams in his arms. The couple return in a panic. Something about a train, busy streets, going somewhere. Almost Dickensian but at this point I can’t remember anything more. Chatting to a friend in a café. She says I deserve for good things to happen. I deserve to have fun. Cafeteria setting, quite bright, quite clinical looking, the walls are magnolia and the chairs are plastic or metal. I can’t remember much else. Maybe I’m being lazy. Maybe I’m afraid of remembering? I wonder what dreams mean. The water dream is obvious in some ways. Water, I didn’t manage to beat the pool yesterday L It was strange, the smell of chlorine hit me, right between the eyes, and I started to feel panic. Bizarre. It felt easier yesterday to dangle my feet in the pool though, so maybe I’ll even be able to stand in the pool today. Let’s see. Feeling inspired by the acting I’ve seen over the last couple of days, especially Ian McDiarmid, he’s AMAZING! Real stage presence, able to project in an almost filmic way with the physical and vocal authority needed to get across in theatre. Need to get back to work on my exercises when we get back! 3 days away, have been pretty good, have eaten too much at times, but have had a really nice time. Managed to do cool stuff, lots of tea (yeah!), amazing food. Funny trying to write a card on Valentine’s Day morning in the bathroom at 6am!! Holiday feels cut short by not going to family dinner tonight, but almost a relief, I have to mentally prepare myself for the inevitable emotional wrangles that occur at one of these rather messily organised events. Will be so hungry by the time we get on the train as we’re missing breakfast, miss Nutella and Porridge ha! Anyway, time for tea and the final push at the scent spraying gym. I was disappointed with the lack of any smells other than the inevitable sweaty socks smell at this gym. Never mind.


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