Weds Feb 13th 2013

8 44 a.m

Dreams. Strange sleep. Woke up mid – night with a completely dead arm which was absolutely terrifying, couldn’t feel my arm at all or move it and didn’t know where I was as obviously we are at the hotel and it totally freaked me out. Had a good day yesterday, we had fun! Lesson learnt though, no need to eat so much today or tomorrow. Peanut chicken noodles though. Yummy. Good job we’re going to the gym this morning. Apparently at this place the machines are so advanced they spray scents in your face while you’re working out! Ha! Something to look forward to, definitely. Dreams. A dog. A beautiful, golden dog, can’t remember the name, but a friends’ dog. This friend isn’t someone I know, he lived in my old room at Earls Court. He was asleep while I was working out, not my place though? Something, a gathering, the evening before, can’t really remember properly. Anyway, he asked me to look after his dog for the day. Took the dog for a walk, he broke out of his lead and ran off, very stressful but he just wanted to go and give a baby back the toys she’d dropped out of her pram. Was really cute. Then a shopping centre, the one in my home town, and the dog wouldn’t sleep or stay near me and kept running up those escalators, Hammicks bookstore upstairs like the old days, brass bannisters and at one point I bumped into Bill Murray and asked him if he’d seen him. Asked him using the dog’s name, didn’t say have you seen my dog so – and – so, actually just asked by name, as though the dog was known to everyone and had a presence and personality well known to all around. Anyway Billy came by to visit me, I was sat in this kind of booth thing and he helped me to find the dog, so helpful. It was a nice dream, a bit stressful looking for the dog but it wasn’t stressful for anyone else, just seemed to kind of normal to everyone else and there was no stress from anyone else or anything which was nice. I wish I could remember more or another dream! I’m sure there were others in my head this morning, something about different friends but I really can’t remember anything now! I’m also running quite late for the gym so going to make a move. Interested in the facilities! Plan for today, gym, pool, try and tackle that fear of water, nay TACKLE THAT FEAR, no sure thing as try! Then brunch oh yes, then PLAY yeeah, bring on Emperor Palpatine, then free time, then dinner. Definitely have lots of calories to burn at the gym….! Right, let’s do this thing!


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