Tues Feb 19th 2013

7 a.m.

Very groggy this morning! Stiff neck. Woke up mid – dream alas have allowed myself to forget what I was dreaming about, dammit! The shower has just stopped running, my eyes are glazed over. Thoughts don’t seem to be firing this morning and I’m simply listening to what’s going on around me. Should I take a recovery day today? It’s tempting, it’s the official recovery day of my workout so perhaps that would actually be helpful to observe rather than doing another workout. Recovery is just as important as intense working out, right? Diet. Keen to eat super healthy for a while and observe how my body feels if I do. That’s the missing link, I think. Feel like that is the natural next step in getting the body operating like the super duper machine that it is! Stuck stuck stuck. Reading Twelfth Night yesterday was such fun, I love acting! Perhaps I’ll do a monologue by Olivia, didn’t think I’d enjoy playing her but I really did last night. I have Sports Direct in my head and don’t know why. I think this must have something to do with what I dreamt about, can’t imagine any other reason why. Why else would I be having that though? Hmm. I feel relaxed though, like I “could sleep.. for a thousand years… A thousands dreams.. That would awake me… Different colours.. Made of tears……”

What does home mean to you? Something that inspired a very strong response in me and I must formulate my thoughts on that. 660.  Or 100. All very heavy. Anyway, have some stuff to catch up on. Behind. Lots of write and publish. I have to keep studying stuff. Everything. My eyes are heavy.. I think I’ll go back to sleep.


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