Fri Feb 22nd 2013

Time not logged

“Oh, oh, you been good to me / You made me glad / When I was blue / And, eternally / I’ll always be / In love with you / And all I gotta doooo / Is Thank You Girl, Thank You Girl”

Woke up with that in my head this morning, love it! Going back to The Beatles after a break is rewarding indeed, I feel myself getting silly excited at this stuff, in a time gap I had yesterday I danced to loads of their stuff and man it’s awesome when music has the effect of energising you! And such high energy too. Can’t beat it. I love the character of The Beatles – sheer brilliance but with a very tangible sense of fun – never feels like they’re taking themselves too seriously and they are enjoying themselves doing what they love and expressing themselves. Yeah.

Shoot today, mixed feelings – very exciting as it’ll be great to do some ACTING dammit! Also means the reel will finally be close to getting completed and edited, fingers crossed it’ll turn out okay. Just wish I hadn’t started the ol’ monthly and that it wasn’t so bitingly cold outside as it’s never good for cramps and very shallow, but don’t want to look all fat and bloated and spotty which is an inevitability doh doh doh but anyway I’m going to hope that it doesn’t all become too much of an issue, perhaps it’ll have the opposite effect and I’ll look radiant. Who knows. It’ll be what it is. Today will, I expect, close a chapter which needs closing for now, it’ll almost be sad, but you can’t depend on showreel scenes for acting gigs forever! Have to travel quite far out which feels like a bit of a pain, but in a quiet way I’m looking forward to loading my Ipod with a soundtrack to my day, including tracks to cover those points where I get lost, which is an inevitability when I’m looking for a new location. Fun, positive tracks to get me in the mood are just the ticket, full of hope and artistic energy. Bring on The Beatles and The Doors! I dreamt about New York. Walking down a street but it felt so much wider than what I remember of NYC, it looked like LA but in the dream I knew it was New York. Crossing the road I had no idea of where the cars would come from, I thought that in the dream. I wasn’t carrying anything but was feeling sad and alone. Then a tap on my shoulder and there’s someone, Billy, carrying luggage which he’s carried all the way and caught up with me. How selfish am I in this dream?! Gosh. Any other details. I remember last night I dreamt of this dude who my Dad used to listen to, like a religious preacher who’s voice I always found really soothing, and he was giving a lecture, maybe it was the Southbank – it was on the developed bank of a river at night time, almost like an outdoor gig at a Jazz club, stars shining, illuminated buildings in the background, and he was giving a lecture and was speaking 2 languages inter-dispersed and making sarcastic remarks about studying Media Studies and how you were set for world domination if you studied Media Studies. Bizarre! Any other recollections from today. Hotel room. Unpacking bags and then needing to re-pack but not being able to pack everything in again. Lots of mahogany. Also friends all desperately clambering to seem like the most concerned. My Acting teacher was in this dream, one of them, the main guy, talking about a film which everyone agreed was amazing and I sat silently as I didn’t quite agree with it all.. Oops. Everyone being a bit too full on in my memory. Anything else. Squash was good fun yesterday, shame we didn’t play longer! Quite tired this morning, another night of disturbed sleep, was hoping to get lots of beauty sleep before the shoot but clearly not meant to be today. I don’t want to get another banal job! Right, time to start the day. What’s it all about, anyway? Let’s go.


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