Thurs Feb 21st 2013

7.20 a.m.

Dreamt about a night out with my best friend. She had arranged a date with this guy but when she met him she didn’t appreciate his attitude in some way and she totally told him what she thought of him. I was there with another friend and we agreed that we respected her willingness to be upfront about what she was feeling but then the friend changed tack and became disapproving. Cue a Ulysses 31 style cartoon, where myself and a small group of characters desperately search for my best friend. I think Ulysses actually featured but I can’t remember properly, perhaps that is just fantasy! Another dream, some kind of office which is apparently a “job showroom”, a concept that I found hilarious in the dream, singing. Big sheets of paper pasted on the walls with jobs all over them. It was structured like a furniture showroom, magnolia, those weird artificial lights like you get at school, brown tiled carpets. We work upstairs, 2 people I know work there too. One room is a bedroom, it’s like a flat upstairs where we work. I need the loo, one person goes ahead of me, then another, and when it comes to my turn, I’m ordered to go downstairs and use the customer loo to save power. This annoys me. In town, someone I know is explaining why they chose to buy blueberries, I repeat what they have said as though I didn’t hear. I apologise profusely and we laugh. Then at the bottom of my road, at the roundabout, a guy and a girl, friends, he likes her and has refused to speak to her as an act of self- preservation, she doesn’t like it. He gives an impassioned speech about his perceived lacking – in dress sense, material interests, etc. She smiles. Lots of people with blonde hair in this dream, she has blonde hair, the girl talking about blueberries had blonde hair too. Quite a lot of it around here. Dream with best friend and the date, a club, drum ‘n’ bass, to get to the loo you had to jump over a pit, I was nervous and laughed at by a guy who seems to live on one edge of the pit and watches people try and jump over. I make it. In the dream I walk about how I want a break because I can’t work or concentrate properly. Woke up in the middle of that dream, I think. I am groggy this morning, have a bit of a headache. Ooh my porridge has just arrived. Oh yeah!


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