Tues March 5th 2013


Wow. Best nights’ sleep I’ve had in ages! Was interrupted (of course) but I got a good few hours which is great. Yay! Dreams in my mind.. In a car, a small red Peugeot with Billy and the guys. Marco is driving and its dark and he accidentally bumps into another car, and to our horror, we see a police car behind us so Marco decides to keep driving as though nothing had happened, and just trundles along. We go over a mini roundabout and the police go the other way, so I guess his tactic worked. Clever.

Not sure if it’s the same dream, but my best friend is in this one. We are walking along a path in some fields, it’s quite muddy. We decide to go off the path and realise it’s REALLY muddy, like swamp muddy, which I declare. Someone who is with us, not sure who, but male, laughs, and says “have you never walked in a swamp before?” and I respond by saying I haven’t and this must be what it was like for Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie when they got stuck in the trash compactor in A New Hope. Anyway, we get out of the swamp and onto the path and walk for a bit when suddenly, an avalanche of slush, maybe slag, actually, starts finding its way towards us and we have to run for our lives. We run and run and there’s a door and we stand and consider whether we should go in as we may suffocate in there because there’s not air supply and we’ll die but decide to go in anyway and can we find any way out as it’s under the hotel, after all. So we all go in and this HUGE door SLAMS shut and we’re all scared – at this point there is an Japanese guy, Billy, an Italian guy, a couple and a family with loads of kids from different backgrounds. Myself, the Japanese guy and Billy start looking around for stuff that might inspire ideas for how to get out. Not sure where my friend is at this point. So we find mirrors and some aluminium (?) and somehow the Japanese guy creates a device that slowly burns away at the ceiling of this room, which would allow us to enter the hotel from underneath it. So he sets it up, even though a few people are poo pooing his idea, the ceiling tiles melt and we can all climb up into the hotel where we have all apparently arrived for a function. Then, we realise that there’s no one else around, not even hotel staff, so we choose our rooms and settle in. The guy who got us out of the room and basically saved us all from death didn’t get much thanks, from what I remember, which is utterly rubbish. He also had this amazing idea for putting the TV up in a cool way, which no one seemed to respond to which was really sad because he was being really helpful and basically everyone would have died if he hadn’t sorted it out. Unsung Hero. The rest of the dream….. The next morning we’re all sat on the bed watching TV, like a family. One of the kids comes in and sits on the bed next to me and cuddles up, like kids do when they admire you, like a little sister looks up to her big sister. It was like a family watching TV together on a Sunday morning. Then, I don’t know, I remember people starting to arrive, and it became a function of sorts. Laura Linney was there and I was talking to her about auditioning and she told me about how awful her audition for school was and she was very friendly and in the end I saw her with her husband who was the Dean of the school she went to. The kitchen, lots of people, more like a canteen than a hotel, quite industrial. The lobby of the hotel was a cinema, a desk on the left, bluish lighting, lots of people sat on the steps and the Italian guy was doing a stand – up routine but no one seemed to be laughing. I went through to the bathroom and the Italian guy followed, a Spanish lady was in there and he declared that he was leaving, no one understands him and he burst into tears. A different portion of the dream, Billy’s best friend and his wife arguing, we were in what looked like a school assembly hall, and a Twister board was in sight and they were arguing because he was annoyed that his wife had a video (hahaha video) and only HE is allowed to have videos. Bizarre. Anyway, can I remember anything else. … Fleeting image of a bar – really old school, dark wood, octagonal, but in the dream I think I just walked past it, didn’t go in.. Anything else.. Anything.. Nah. Too hungry to think now, I think.. Today should be a good day though I’m frustrated about my computer being broken.. What a crappy day for that to happen! Good job Billy has one that I can use to do my course and blog. Hungry! Must eat. Can’t think about anything else!


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