Fri 8th March 2013

6.07 a.m.

My asthma is playing up this morning. First time in ages. Probably just because I’m still dealing with this bug. Dodgy sleep again, grr! Thought the non – sleeping phase was over as last night I slept right through but back to the pattern of 3am, then a bit of sleep, then back up at 5 although if I consider how many hours I ended up getting it’s not too bad. Woke up with my dreams in my head but I can’t remember much now. One of the older girls from drama school was there, with a couple of the other older girls. It was raining and I think I was at someone’s place though I didn’t feel very welcome and as though they didn’t really want me there. At some point, some people came by to look at the house (which was more like one of the huts at school – maybe more like what became the sixth form common room) and for some reason, I had just got out of the shower and was running across the mud in a towel, nervous that I’d be seen. Something about having the courage to watch something. Can’t quite remember. Perhaps they’ll come back to me. Spotlight, CCP, IMDBPro, Stage32. YouTube? Should I bite the bullet and do it?! Trouble is, I don’t really know how to get anyone to watch it, if that makes sense. Perhaps I’ll ask Eddy about that, worth getting his input on the marketing side. It’s getting light outside! Yay! Spring is upon us, all we need now is more awesome weather. Twitter is interesting. There is A LOT of information on there. I mean, A LOT. Also discovered a new band which is pretty cool, as somehow I don’t find the time to explore new music much these days. Handwriting looks interesting when I write in this pen. Ha, Gaviscon Double Action. Nice! Gosh, my asthma is really playing up today. Oh well. Hungry. Yesterday was a very active day – 60 mins intensive workout in the morning, 45 mins Squash in the evening. Got absolutely trounced on Goldeneye – I’m sure I used to be better than I am now! Dodgy. Also lost at Squash but to be fair, I’m likely to lose against guys though I don’t think I’m an easy game, or a complete joke. Maybe they’re just taking it easy on me. Who knows? Blimey, so this weekend is full of Mothers’ Day madness – Billy’s Mum is here on Saturday for lunch, then meeting Grandma and Ellen on Saturday evening for a drink, and then Mum is coming over on Sunday! Should be fun! Poor Billy, think he just wants a few days away from life. Hmm, lilies smell nice. My neck is really tense. Need to stretch a bit and release it, I want my neck to be free. Trying not to let myself fall into a mode where I’m really self-critical about things. On the one hand I need to get it out, on the other, at what point does it become another self – destructive habit that you need to address and work to break because it doesn’t do anything for you? I don’t know, all confusing! Nutella. Surprising how many of my thoughts end up involving Nutella, actually. Active active active. Just have to keep active. Yawn. Tired but restless. Think that’s frustrating me a bit. That I actually feel tired but also restless so I end up feeling tired and a bit restless and never feel like I’ve done ENOUGH. Oh well. Guess it’s just a phase. Nothing of interest in my head this morning, I don’t think. Just going around in circles and I just thought of whether my alarm is due to go off soon. The alarm sounds like the beginning of “Alone in Kyoto” by Air, that was used in Lost In Translation. Man, I like that film. As far as dream roles go, that one ranks pretty highly. Think I might have a shower and start getting on with things, an extra hour of time to get through stuff can’t be a bad thing.


2 responses to “Fri 8th March 2013

  1. “Nutella. Surprising how many of my thoughts end up involving Nutella, actually”

    I hear you. I have the same thing when it comes to apple crumble

    • Hi Nutella Fan! Thanks for reading!
      Hmm, Apple Crumble.. When well done is one of the pleasures of life. With soya custard, Alpro is the best! Ha and I’m constantly blogging about trying to be healthier!!

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