Thurs March 7th 2013

7.20 a.m.

One dream, Red Dwarf. Whoopi Goldberg and Ace Rimmer steering a ship. Some kind of space battle. Rimmer is very serious, keeps taking some chip out of his arm and shutting himself down, every time he does this Whoopi Goldberg screams no! Other characters in other rooms, not sure who. A Star Wars – esque battle in space, one player in a Tie Fighter is a Transformers model, metal head and completely looks like a toy, no emotion or speech. Robot toy is yellow. A different dream. Family. Making some kind of home video. My sister walking through some grass, an archway. Like the arch to a cathedral. Our Jack Russell looks like a Rough Collie in this dream, and is barking his head off at Dad. A group of people, coming back from some kind of holiday or trip. One character is an old lady, an American with a guitar, a few others. We get onto a bus at the airport, the lady asks if the bus goes to East Dulwich, one of the group says no, she almost doesn’t get on the bus. The guy with the guitar helps her to get on, asks the bus driver why he would let that happen, but doesn’t get on the bus himself. Anything else. In the Red Dwarf dream, some kind of holographic battle. A selection process, the first asks everyone in the room whether anyone has ever killed anyone else as part of the game before. Everyone raises their hand and laughs, everyone kills everyone else in this game. Somehow 2 people are selected, flash of a battle, a room, quite dark, one character being beaten by the other, dominant looking character in black. Like a shadow. Anything else.. Literally just woken up. Had a full nights’ sleep! Listened to Abbey Road last night, my God it’s so good. Too late for me to write much. Really, brilliant!! Love that album. She’s so….. Heeaavvvv-eeee-yyyy…. Yeah! Need to pee. Must go!

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