Sat March 9th 2013

7.45 a.m.

The radio is talking about how man should not be alone. Interesting. Sometimes it seems that technology is moving towards us being alone – physically alone, I mean. Like you can get away with spending all your time alone and labouring under the misapprehension that you are connected because you have the occasional chat on Facebook, or Whatsapp, or Twitter. Or on a computer game. Perhaps that’s just me, actually, it’s early and I tend to make generalisations quite often. Saturday morning. Funny how we’re already into the second weekend of March. Where is the year going? I don’t know. It’s all a bit insane. I need to take a look at my accounts and see what’s going on. Get some stuff paid off, I reckon. Feeling frustrated this morning. Should go with the 3 emails a day approach. That’s not too much work and given that I’m unlikely to receive any castings at this point I may as well go full pelt and cold email people to begin with. Totally drifted off there. I’m hungry! Sleepy this morning, like I’m trying to catch up on lost sleep but I don’t have the time to sleep through today, or tomorrow, really. Think I might get up really soon and put porridge on but it won’t digest in time for me to do my exercises and then I’ll feel rubbish about it all day, which is totally not worth it! It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out….. It doesn’t matter much to me…… Spent last night listening to albums, which was awesome! Kicked off with some Neil Young, then Television (awesome!), then Jeff Buckley. Love listening to albums man! Gosh so hungry. I’m really struggling to think. My my, this notebook is almost full of notes now! Amazing. Something quite satisfying about that, working through an entire notebook. Most of it is barely legible but hey, it’s all good. I’m sure I had dreams last  night but they totally escape me, must have woken up at just the right time. BBC Radio 4 dramas are entertaining – advert for one just came on. It’s 8am. Something about terrorism. Eeks. LinkedIn just came into my head, not sure why. Maybe I should set a separate one up with my acting email addy to connect to people on there? Hmm.. Hmmm.. Hmmmmmm… Interesting. Nothing much. Liberal Democrat conference. They’re talking about it on the radio. Seems kind of boring to me. Not really interested at all. Starving hungry! Enjoyed When Harry Met Sally yesterday, nothing better than a rom com and then Ally McBeal when you need some soul medicine. Don’t feel quite as rough today but still a bit iffy, should be fine once I’m up though. Funny feeling. The ground could open up and swallow me whole and I wouldn’t mind. Not in a self-destructive sense, just in the sense that things can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes which is funny because actually in the material world I don’t have much going on at all! It’s all intangible and in my head and body but it’s powerful for sure. It’s all good, a positive process. MAN I need to eat! It’s ridiculous how hungry I am in the mornings these days. Right. Nutella. Porridge. Tea. Yeah!


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