Monday March 11th 2013

7.31 a.m.

Cold! It is absolutely FREEZING in this room this morning! Actually got up and put my dressing gown on and slept in it, which I have not done in living memory. Also burnt the roof of my mouth on Shepherds’ Pie Saturday lunchtime and it just seems to be getting worse and worse and is actually quite painful. Dreamt last night that someone got in touch and said that they were thinking of me which was bizarre to me in the dream as they had stopped talking to me for no apparent reason so that was odd. Do I remember anything else? Hmm. Frustrating, just the most fleeting images and ideas, nothing concrete enough for me to write down which is a bit of a shame. Sleepy! Groggy! Cold! The shower is running, Billy’s up. Wonder if Eddy has managed to park the car? Actually feel quite murky this morning. Not sure whether that’s the right word. Oh, dream. Mark Rylance in Twelfth Night. Me and Billy and one other person are walking along and have some time to kill and go into the theatre where Mark Rylance is doing, no, it’s Richard III, not Twelfth Night. And everyone who stands in the front row of the audience – the theatre is so small it’s almost like a rehearsal with everyone standing watching, has to perform these really specific movements to help illustrate the story and wear costume and stuff. Billy does it, he knows exactly what to do. I stand to the side, completely unsure. Completely. The credits roll, and Billy’s name is on there – I tell him, he doesn’t believe me. We went the day before too, thought there were more people watching and Billy wasn’t one of the people who got involved in the production. I needed the loo afterwards, but didn’t want to go into the really busy bit so wanted to go to a different set of loos but we were too far away and Billy and his Mum suggest that we go somewhere close by. A friend from drama school was rewriting a script and I needed to get to location to film that. Company offices – inside so different though, more floors and loos everywhere! I find one that seems unusual but it is very executive. Like the kind of loo you’d expect to find on a really expensive cruise ship or something. Big mirror – everything is really big, I worry that I shouldn’t be there, or that it’s haunted because it feels so big and empty. Anything else. The bathroom had dark wood furnishing, but modern dark wood – glossy with chrome fittings. Anything else. I make it to the shoot, but I can’t remember anything more at this stage. Desperate to pee, distracting! Also feel rushed, tea on the way and I can hear voices, people are awake! It’s COLD! Cold cold cold cold. Anything else. Nah. Breakfast time!


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