Thurs March 14th 2013

7.20 a.m.

I feel fine, anytime, she’s around me now… She’s around me now, almost all the time… Hmm. Another beautiful morning. It’s really lovely outside, from what I can tell. I’m groggy again, but another full night’s sleep! Yeah! Could be another busy day. Oooh music is on but I don’t remember us putting any music on overnight. Anyway, last night was fun. I’m exhausted today. I am drifting off. My hand feels like jelly but in a nice way, definitely! I’m not sure of what to write this morning. Nothing much seems to be in my head which can only be a good thing. Struggling to get into pyjamas. Hahaha hilarious! Umm… Are we going? Don’t know. Must work that out. Feels like there is stuff to do but somehow I’m not getting around to doing it all. Hahaha the music is Marco’s alarm. Wondered what was going on there..! Glad I’ve been brave and shown the reel around. Felt good to start putting it out there even if it was just to a few friends.. They were also so nice and gave kind comments – I guess they would though, wouldn’t they..! I’m a very suspicious person.. I always consider an alternative motive for things, which isn’t good at all. Yikes. Can I remember any dreams? Not at this point. Perhaps something will come back later on. Lots of ideas. Lots of interesting ideas. Tough bit is planning and making them something, I guess. Eeks. The pang of reality. Painful. Sigh. So tired, tired of waiting.. Breakfast!


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