Weds March 13th 2013

7.07 a.m.

A full nights’ uninterrupted sleep! Yeah! I feel more groggy this morning than I’ve felt in ages, but I take that as a positive sign as it must mean that I am starting to relax. Yeah! Was so good to sleep through – though part of me wonders if I’ll suffer a lack of education if I don’t get my dose of 3am world affairs update that I have become used to hearing every day. Watched the film of Much Ado About Nothing – and really enjoyed it! Remember I used to have it on VHS and watched it loads when I was younger, but I think I appreciate it even more now. Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson are both fantastic, inspiring! It’s only of my favourite Shakespeare plays, a whole lotta fuss over nuthin’. What else. Lots to get through today which is cool. Saw myself in the mirror this morning and was actually quite pleased, which is a change. Things look a bit clearer this morning – perhaps this positivity has something to do with getting a proper nights’ sleep for the first time in 3 months! Yay! I feel good. Might actually go back to sleep for a bit, there are lots of items to catch up on although to be fair, I don’t want to disrupt my sleep pattern in any way. Tendency to criticise. No need. Completely pointless at this stage, why fall into that space now? Looking forward to breakfast, as always. Yesterday was good, started planning a timeline for how to achieve goals – probably a bit lacking in detail so will be filling in the gaps soon. I think it’s a great exercise, forces you to consider steps and somehow things don’t look as intimidating – but let’s see. Anyway, this one is going to be short as I can barely hold this pen! We’ll see. Good day, Sunshine! Headshots. Dreamt about headshots. Taking them in a parking lot – one of those underground ones.


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