Sat March 16th 2013

7.31 a.m.

It’s very warm in here this morning! The Dune soundtrack is playing, left the computer playing music last night so makes sense  – grey and rainy but warm. Quite dark, but there you go. At least it’s not snowing. Ideas this morning. About tone, structure, language – nothing concrete, just the wheels seem to be turning a bit. Had a dream that some paralympians were training at my old school’s gym – I met Martin Freeman and we were chewing the fat as we tried to work out how to use the rope we were supposed to be using to support ourselves as we practiced gymnastics. Then, in another room, a group of actors, including myself and Martin Freeman and two others, one male, one female, all talking about something, some acting related issue I think, but I can’t remember what it was. Bizarre! Must be because I was thinking about The Office last night, and also saw a photo from the latest BBC version of Sherlock and they must have gone into my brain and plonked themselves into the dream creation and processing bit! Yesterday was cool, today should be too. Shame we aren’t playing Poker now but I am seeing my best friend for lunch which will be great as I haven’t seen her for ages so actually things worked out better in the end. Need to stop feeling annoyed with my friend, she is probably just feeling depressed, but it’s frustrating when you feel like someone is blowing you off mid – conversation. In any case I rarely get hung up about such things because in the end, what does it matter? I’m here if she needs me so it’s all good. Life really is too short to expend energy on this kind of thing. London this evening. Hmm. Haha the soundtrack to Conan The Barbarian is now playing, interesting night time listening but it’s good for first thing in the morning, lots of energy. Should walk down the street listening to this, it’d make me feel super tough, haha. I’m kinda relieved that we have this weekend “off” and aren’t trekking anywhere, particularly. It’s quite tiring and I relish the opportunity to mong out a bit. So I need to get to Soho for 1pm, so I’ll need to get on a fast train at about 12. It’s fine, actually. I have time. Going to get some porridge and tea, hopefully the porridge will digest by 10 and I can work out before heading into London. Come on day!


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