Mon March 18th 2013

6.53 a.m.

New notebook! Exciting! Dreams last night. A ninja broke in and killed someone, we knew they were in the house and we were trying desperately to outwit and hide, but the ninja got one person and cut her throat. The house was like my Aunt’s old house, the garden was actually that garden. Shamefully I ran away and hid in the bushes of the garden while the other person was killed, and hoped that the ninja wouldn’t realise that I’d been there at all. While I was hiding, loads of kids kept jumping into the garden. One of my friends from school was one of them, I was surprised. Another dream, or maybe the same one – a hotel, or it looked like a hotel, at least. We were being led (I think I was with Billy) to see the latest Alien in rest and the person leading us seemed really unperturbed by the fact that we were about to walk into a room with an ALIEN in it. They guy had some bizarre way of getting in too, like he needed a key but also had to paint or draw some kind of code to get in. Scary. Then we were on some kind of excursion to find the alien – not sure of how it worked – felt like a school trip, but there was a sense that we didn’t really want to be part of it though we were the only ones who seemed at all concerned. In the ninja dream, I ran away and was terrified of going back into the house – the body was found, I was scared, and I remember going back and my Dad was there and he was fine and reassured me. I also got a message from one of my friends – expected him to be around but it was as though nothing had happened at all. Then, in another dream,  I was trying to find a way to climb across a wide floor of some kind – it felt like a school assembly hall at first – and, for some reason, I didn’t want to touch the ground so I was climbing across as you do on monkey bars which felt fine. Got about halfway and realised I was hovering about a railway track and was monkey climbing across a bridge and that there was a jump at the edge of the bridge with a huge drop which paralysed me. Need to get on with my PT stuff, just drifted into my head. Anyway, interesting set of dreams. Another one, we’re on a bus, I think – me, my Dad, Eddy, Leona and this old guy gets on and starts talking to us – he’s drinking and is quite loud and brash and we end up having a different conversation about whether we think this guy is okay or not. I think he’s fine, as does Eddy, Dad and Leona don’t like him at first but dad warms up to him. In the dream, it’s a sunny day. Gosh, to think that every night my brain creates such a soap opera of stories and we struggle to harness our creativity! It’s crazy when you think about it. As always, plenty to do today. PT, workout, acting, emails. All good! Another good nights’ sleep too – it’s back! Yeah! It’s a massive relief being able to sleep again, so exhausting not sleeping and now I’m in catch up mode I feel quite tired but to an end which is all I want, really. Yay! Right for breakfast and tea. Exciting!


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