And I Will Not Remember That I Ever Felt The Pain



This song starts and my heart begins to race and my emotions stir into a strange kind of action. Suddenly I am in an elevated state and I stop whatever I am doing and want to absorb every second, every sound, every beat and every word and I am swept along with the magical fantasy of this feeling. I want to jump up and allow the music to absorb my entire body, somehow, and I find myself unable to do anything apart from let the sound of this magical piece carry me through the moments of my existence that it enriches with complete abandon and live only in this world. The world where I am alive and present and my mind and body and heart and soul are filled with love and hope and happiness and I don’t need to see into the future or look back into the past because where I am right now, with this music, is absolutely and completely where I want to live.

I really love this song. Even better, it is the third track of an album that creates this euphoric feeling in me from the first seconds of the first song. Just thinking about it makes my heart jump a little inside. A full 46 minutes of bliss. 46 minutes that make me grateful to be alive. 46 minutes that leave me satisfied not to read in between the lines.


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