Tue Mar 19th 2013

7.16 a.m.

Dreamt that we put on a production of The Taming Of The Shrew, at a big venue up north somewhere. Lots of schoolkids and I sat there and realised that I couldn’t remember my monologue so at the interval I was asking if anyone had a copy of the play and only one person – a girl from school who I barely knew, bizarre – said she could lend it to me but when she did it turned out to be an A-Z and of no use at all! There was an outdoor bar and the barman was friendly – it was daytime though, which was odd as the play felt like it was on in an evening. I’m sure I’ve dreamt of the same venue before, but I guess they’re all the same, ultimately. At one point some of the kids decide to move and the youngest went and sat at the back and I worried that they would get caught in the chair (they were the ones that flip up, like at the theatre). Did the monologue and it turned out that I remembered it after all and it was all good. Also dreamt that I was on a log flume on my own and I was absolutely fine with it, it was fun. A house, one of those small Victorian homes you get up North. I was walking alone. Not sure why. I think I was with someone from drama school who I wasn’t particularly close with but there you go. Can’t remember clearly though. Also, in the dream about the play, one of the guys from school was there, completely stoned off his nut but we had a cup of tea with him. Can’t remember the other person but they did most of the talking. The guy didn’t look the same, but it was him. Anything else. Hmm.. It was so good to see my friend yesterday, we’ve become closer since we graduated. It’s funny because we worked together loads but have only become so close after graduating  – we always talked scenes when we worked together, which is in itself a good thing actually. I’m really glad we stayed in touch. People have so much capacity to surprise you! Urgh I have the sniffles today, yuk! It’s raining and awful outside too, which is really sucky as I have this thing tomorrow. Excited about shots for £50, get in. Too good to be true?! Must get a date in the diary for that. Right. Time for breakfast. Zzzzzz..

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