From The Far Side Of The Ocean

Soft lights. Full of hope and fantasy of drifting and dreaming and the lightness that comes with the realisation and belief that nothing is finite and we are all infinite. We can find each other no matter what earthly obstacles are placed between us because our love transcends the material and exists as one with the fabric of the energy that surrounds and envelops us as we move through this strange place we call existence. There is no end, or beginning, it did not come into being, it will not die. The material closeness of our physical bodies is the least powerful of all of the elements that have drifted and combined with one another to create our connection; it is forever entwined as an eternal truth within the intricate weaving of the universe and will continue to navigate the currents of whatever this strange intangible state actually is, and will continue to be for time eternal. Words cannot express fully the body of this certainty that I feel within, believing and living this unspeakable truth  is the sole way to communicate it into this vast expanse the state of being or energy or whatever the right word is that connects us across this unimaginable space. Forever. Infinity. This will continue to be for as long as existence itself lives.


2 responses to “From The Far Side Of The Ocean

  1. That was beautiful. I’m not sure if you have heard of the Myer Briggs Personality Test, but I am almost certain you are the personality INFP. Never stop dreaming. Never stop writing. Cheers.

    • Hey DreamerRambler,
      Thanks so much for posting – you have no idea how well timed your comment was!
      I have done the Myers-Briggs test a few times now, and have come out as an INFJ every time – so close to an INFP but with a slightly different approach to processing stuff..I was shocked by how on the money the description of an INFJ in terms of how it related to me. I’m guessing that you identify very strongly with your type too – judging by your blog, which I’ll be reading in depth soon, by the way 🙂
      Thank you for reading and commenting, really appreciate it!

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