I Really Wanna Stay Here All Night

I can see clearly. I see a future filled with love and happiness and I am so full of this feeling I don’t know what to do with it so I will dance and shock myself when I see the face of my true self in the mirror again after so many months. I WANT TO LIVE! I do not see an endless corridor or darkness with no rooms of light where suffocation has pushed me and will continue to push me to an early claim on my mortality. The inescapable is no longer all – powerful. I now see the window, a bright blue sky, the sunshine and as I feel the warmth on my face all I want to do is LIVE and find the enjoyment I had lost and have suddenly, unexpectedly, found with you in this unlikely circumstance. I am free and alive and hopeful. Hopeful! Dance dance dance. Euphoria. The veil has been lifted and I can see clearly. I see clearly. I want to live.


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