She’s Happy As Can Be

The sun is shining. Outside the grottiness of the establishment we stand, two friends, sharing the experience of happiness brought on by the sheer joy of this melody. We cannot communicate properly. I don’t always understand what you say, but I connect with you somehow, you have a good heart and you love The Beatles and I love that I can share this experience with you as we stand here, holding on to the last few moments of freedom that we have before facing the daily responsibility that life imposes on you when you devolve into a non – child. I am a child inside. I crave the freedom to start all over again. In another time. In another place. But that’s a different song entirely and is one of my absolute favourites but I am here with I Feel Fine. The sunshine. Yellow. Brightness. Ah, that fuzz bass! My favourite fuzz bass! I’m so glad. A new beginning. A new chapter. The excitement, anticipation, mild anxiety of starting all over again. Lucky me. I am almost starting all over again. Worldly concerns somehow seem irrelevant when you have The Beatles on your side. Artistry, personality, intelligence, love. It all makes perfect sense when you listen to The Beatles. Listening to I Feel Fine on those granite steps with a friend, before typing in *9765 and entering that building, where, completely unexpectedly, a door opened and Chapter 2 of my adult life began, is sheer joy. How did it all happen? Why did it all happen? I don’t know. It’s strange. It’s all strange. But wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.


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