We May Just Go Where No-One’s Been

The sound pulsates through my body and I close my eyes, prepare myself for the ride. Colours spiral on the ground and in the sky and form mystifying patterns which I cannot believe myself capable of creating in my minds’ eye. It deceives me but I don’t care or mind or want to consider whether this is real or deception, right or wrong while my entire being is seduced by the possibility of these colours. The potential of what I am experiencing. The sheer power of it. I can now see in myself something powerful and beautiful, the power to create something wonderful within and like nothing I have created before or will create again. It exists only now, as I am carried by this sound. I have the potential to see the truth without judgement and with complete acceptance and all I have to do is hold on and stay on this swing and allow myself the freedom to travel from childish innocence and wonderment to understanding and fulfilment and potential that exists to create and see and dream and inspire. I am excited and want to consume more of the sounds that enter my being and create these beautiful images in my minds’ eye. Reality cannot be what it says it is. When does reality itself ever state or claim what it is? It doesn’t. It cannot. We do. We say what reality itself is, the nature of which we can only ever understand through the lens of perception we have chosen at any given moment and the reality which I believe myself to be living within may not even exist which gives me an overwhelming feeling of liberation and makes me dizzy. Perhaps in the material sense I exist but these sounds transport me to a different place which has no name or definition, it simply surrounds, enfolds, and moves, as energy circulating around me. I will never name or label this feeling. This is the sound of my evolution and these colours will continue to change and reflect and consume me and this existence, whatever it may or may not be, will forever be expanded by these vibrations. These infinite possibilities.


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