Sunday March 24th 2013

7.22 a.m.

Woke up to the alarm, forgot to switch it off, but it’s all good. The snow has settled outside, really feels like it should be Christmas! I’m pleased, checked my email and have an invitation to audition for a cool role in a student film based on my reel! Yay! Also have been asked to send in a video audition for a short drama being filmed in Glasgow, which is great, so it’s nice to feel that things are moving forward in some way! Good way to start off the day. Yesterday was really relaxing, I’m glad I took the chance and let myself off the hook with everything. Really enjoyed Return Of The King – watching it this time I find myself paying more attention to the script and actually think it’s quite weak in places, but there are many things to compliment too – for one, the sound design. I think the sound design in these films is just incredible – the sounds ascribed to each place, character, movement, presence is unbelievably detailed and I can’t imagine that the world could be created without it. After ROTK it was time for Goodfellas – which, for an actor exploring writing, is a real education. The best thing about taking a day “off” as an actor, is that when you kick back and watch a movie and you are paying real attention to the performances, you actually feel like you’re working – and in my current state, I don’t feel so bad about it if I look at it like that. Don’t think there is a film that makes better use of music to create a sense of time, either. The way it’s used is an inspiration. So great to be able to kick back and relax, taking it as a good sign and hopefully I’ll be able to maintain it. I suppose getting things off my chest first thing in the morning was an intelligent policy. I think I might work out first thing today, feeling energised by my exciting CCP email this morning – sounds like a fun role to play, but it’s more about being noticed. Such vanity! In terms of overall progress, it’s good news.

In Dreams, you’re mine.. All the time.. We’re together.. In Dreams.. In Dreams………. Just came into my head. Beautiful.  Yawn. But feeling more energised this morning. Going to check out which workout is on today and do it – it’ll be good to get it done nice and early and spend the day writing and doing PT stuff and maybe even get through an act of Macbeth. Yeah!

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