Wednesday March 27th 2013

6.42 a.m.

So much for getting up earlier today and getting  a workout in! What a morning! So damn comfy in bed and so WARM under the duvet and so cold outside… Managed to drag myself up slightly earlier than usual but doubt I’ll be able to cram in a workout what with getting ready for this shoot, which to be fair, is absolutely fine. I can always do it when I get back and although my brain is saying that I’m making excuses, I went a bit mad yesterday and my shoulders are killing me this morning, so perhaps a break wouldn’t be so bad.

Dreamt about a doubles game of Squash. Someone on the opposing team offered to swap their squash racquet –  I cheekily took it, and started playing with both racquets, one in each hand, deciding that it was all about ME ME ME! There was a crowd, we were being watched, and people were laughing and cheering. All good fun. In another dream, a canal barge. Can’t remember who this was, but he’d been downstairs, had a drink too many and couldn’t handle the motion sickness of the barge (haha). We were in a group and enjoying ourselves, but I can’t really remember much else. Another dream, with Billy’s family. We’d all agreed to buy his Mum a camcorder for her birthday. Overhearing someone’s conversation on the phone with Herod saying that it was £50,000 for it and we can’t afford it! At another point in the dream, we were driving through steep hills to get somewhere, Herod was driving his old car, and got sick of driving slowly down these winding hills – so he drove off the side of the hill and we fell to the bottom. We were all shit scared and the bump was significant, but we were fine apart from some bruising. I’m surprised! I didn’t wake up before hitting the bottom, actually, usually in dreams you tend to, don’t you? There was also another dream in the woods, something about playing a team game but I really can’t remember much more about that at all, so I’m going to let my brain relax. I’m looking forward to today, it’ll be fun and it’ll be cool with my Ipod and everything so it’s all good. Time to get on with things.


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