Thurs March 28th 2013

6.38 a.m.

It’s so ridiculously comfortable and warm in bed this morning and the sun is shining through the window and I feel mega mega comfortable, oh yeah! It’s a bright day which  immediately makes me feel good, and I’m feeling positive this morning if a bit groggy. Going to be a very busy day, so not much time to do this today which is a shame. Feel good after yesterday, as though I found a new identity of some kind, faced up to some bizarre fears that I’ve held for a long time and overall found it to be a positive day even though at points I felt the challenge of moving into a different realm of operating in some way. Anyway, today will be busy! I need to film a video audition, exercise, get myself to this other audition, then meet Shiv and travel back home with him – a bit mental to cram in before 1.30! It’ll be cool to have a couple of days off, I suppose, but I’m keen to make sure I keep making progress on the pieces I’m working on and not lose momentum or flow while I’m feeling, dare I say it, inspired. Don’t want the fire to go, if you know what I mean. If you know what I mean? Bizarre. I’ve just realised it’s like I’m talking to another person. Writing that has total weirded me out – “Aquarium” by Saint Saens is on the radio which is also a bit of trippy sound anyway – so that added a bit to the freak out effect there too. Perhaps instead of hard core training I’ll dance while I get ready today, might be more time efficient? But, I can cram it in. I can I can I can. Just need to get moving!


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