Sat March 30th 2013

7.27 a.m.

Another beautiful morning! Absolutely stunning! The sun is shining in through the window and it’s bright and wonderful. Yeah!

Dreamt about some stuff that’s still in my head so best get it down. One, make-up lesson. I’m at some place, waiting to have a lesson, or maybe I’m thinking of booking one and notice that it’s all day and I’m debating whether to do it or whether it would be a waste considering that I’ll pay for a full day and not get the full time. I’m listening to Tim Buckley, or maybe Tim Buckley is playing at this place, I don’t know which. My closest friend from university shows up, and says no need for a lesson. Eddy texts me , I go back through my emails to check when I’ve advised him to arrive and I’ve said 8pm if that’s okay. My friend then tells me a story about an ex – boyfriend who was being mean to her once in front of her friends, after they’d broken up – he said something along the lines of going out with you is what it must have been like to go out with.. and he said the name of the ex – husband of one of my friends. Bizarre. Then it was time to go, she was really upset telling this story, and we were crossing the road, and she ran in front of a queue of traffic and was I was horrified but she was getting us a cab to go to the hotel, the name of which escapes me. It began with an T – maybe the Tribec or something? It was really dark and grey weather in this dream. In another section, or a different dream altogether, a theme park. Crazy rollercoaster – equivalent to Nemesis  and Shockwave – and someone had a baby in a little baby carrier and this baby was SCREAMING. I don’t remember much else of that one though, except that it was strange. And it was grubby, rubbish all over the ground. Then my old workplace. Meeting people who I used to work with, we were all going somewhere and I left my bag in a room which I thought was going to be locked. There’s a big discussion going on between a few people. The only face I really remember is the IT guy – we were all walking up a spiral staircase – everything looked white and bright – and I’m not sure of where we were going, actually. Someone did, at one point, confirm that stuff would be locked away. From what I remember. Issues on my mind this morning. Photos. Audition. Work. Trust. Place. Health. Fat. Need to get a card. Think of a present but completely stuck!  Not sure what would be best. Sleepy sleepy sleepy but not. Really need to work out. Not pleased with what I’m seeing in the mirror these days at all. I have Hound On My Heel in my head. Actually I need to get hold of Steve Mason’s new album and check it out, he’s awesome. We’ll see, I guess. I think I’m going to indulge myself and pop my head back on the pillow. Luxury.. Hmm..


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