Thurs April 4th 2013

7.52 a.m.

Sleep is wonderful! One of the great gifts of life, I think. Lots of dreams. In one, it was Marco’s birthday. My Dad was in a bed, in a room that may have been a hospital but he didn’t seem at all ill. Talking about writing – Leona says something about a higher plane of consciousness. Eddy says he has written this thing, can’t remember the details of it but in the dream it sounded good. I remember thinking that everything felt different, like maybe we could do stuff together again but a voice inside my head warned me not to fall into old traps. My Mum’s uncle, who died a good few years ago, also came into it, somehow, he was bright – eyed, and I stated clearly that I agreed with nothing he had done over the course of his life. Bit harsh..! Another dream, a holiday. Lifts. Lots of time spent in lifts. Firstly, was with my friend, we were staying in this hotel and spent a lot of the time travelling in this lift, totally don’t remember anything else – except the room was on the 3rd floor and it was ridiculously high. To get up to it the lift would go off at some bizarre angle and it was glass so you could see and it was pretty scary. 2 random guys who used to work at my old office were in the lobby. I had to see them about something, can’t remember what. There was a massive queue at reception for a room, so myself, my friend and one other, were given the honeymoon suite by someone because they had no need for it but this place was so busy we had to wait for ages before getting the key to the suite. Weren’t sure of what to expect, got into this crazy glass lift, and it took us around, like a fast cable car, almost, across the city, and we ended up at the door of a white, Regency building that was four storeys up at least but when we tried to get out of the door, the elevator doors closed and we ended up being transported to a place full of flat roofs. The elevator finally stopped, and we saw that roof work was being done and a couple of members of the hotel staff were there and said that the suite wasn’t available, but if we went back to reception we may get another room. We already knew that the queue was massive, and we were lucky to even get that one. A message about the general frustrations of the dead end nature of so many pursuits there, maybe? I don’t like to think so though, every thing is valuable on some level, even if the outcome isn’t what you expected, the fact that you went through it means something. Definitely. So I’m not going to take a negative lesson out of this one, although it’s the easy, clear message….!!

I am now very sleepy! Had a good day yesterday – the audition was really good fun, and I got a role in a student film although I’m unsure of whether or not to do it as the script really isn’t very good at all. I love my friends. Random thought but so many people don’t have supportive friends, do they? Looking forward to a day of warmth today, lots of writing and learning to be done. Yeah! Exciting not having to go out into the cold today. Thank you Universe!


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