Weds April 17th 2013

5.55 a.m.

Woke up at 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep so thought I’d get on with the day. The birds are singing in force this morning, which has become the norm over the last week or so – I love it! It’s getting light outside – lying in bed it was interesting hearing the sound of the world waking up – went from quiet, occasional chirping to more and more pronounced song, and the occasional passing of a car could be heard with increasing frequency and the minutes ticked by. Quite proud of my cooking yesterday – was glad of the power cut in a way, as it reminded me that the noise of distraction isn’t necessary when you’re doing satisfying, basic human activity like preparing food to keep your body alive and functioning. Have cramp – my cycle has moved itself forward a few days, makes no odds at the moment.

I dreamt of playing Shadow of The Beast – I’d made it to the final level – but the final level had to be played for real, and I was waiting in a room with the attendants to go in and complete the game. The music to the original was playing through the speakers, the place was like a cave (looked very fake) – a bit like a cave at a theme park. There were a few other players waiting there – sitting on stairs, etc. It felt like a long wait and as the wait went on I became more and more nervous about what was to come and chickened out, claiming that I would now be late getting home if I didn’t leave! This was annoying for the attendants, but my mind was made up. Until I was approached, as I was leaving, by a Gap sales attendant who ran to me to say that she had three jackets that might be suitable – one was a really short jacket. I asked her if she had it in Black, she said no. The second was a Black & Grey jacket that Dad bought me for Xmas last year – I explained that to her. She said she had a third – a short jacket, cut with very straight line & the neckline was very high. She said it was bright Yellow. I said I needed to go, while this conversation was happening I was concerned that I would get called back into the game. She said I would lose out on the jacket, I asked whether she would hold all three for me. She responded excitedly with a yes. I then remember walking out of the building – a huge corporate office, and swiping out. It was bright outside – the classic cinema effect. The pipes coming out of the boiler look quite unsightly. I’ve just noticed them. I suppose they give the place an industrial edge. Just heard the sound of footsteps walking past the window. Am going to draft a testimonial today, ready for it. I want to learn so much stuff! Today it’s picking up the electric guitar again, I need to learn to play an F, dammit! Haha, I’m sure guitar players of a more seasoned nature would find that hilarious. Still, it’s early days. There is so much stuff to learn about! Finished The Doors of Perception the other day. Interesting read. I wonder whether Eddy has read it. Read an interesting thing on the routines of writers that I really liked – the more you delve into the “creative” world, the more you realise that everyone is searching, more than anything, for a sense of sanity, engaging deliberately in “normal” activities to somehow remind themselves that they are not crazy, that the lives that they are leading are as fundamentally basic as anyone else’s – because that’s the truth. It’s just that when the rest of the world seems to be acting and saying differently, there is little that you can really do except question where you’re going and how things are going for you – or the way that you have chosen to steer things. I’m enjoying writing, a lot. It’s great fun, getting everything out onto the page. Really going through ideas for this piece. Lots of the ideas, but not sure yet of how to put them all together into some kind of narrative – but that will come with time, no doubt. Just need to keep letting the ideas flow and they’ll ferment into something cool, or at least something new. Best not to get ahead of myself.

Can’t believe that story about the Nutella heist! When you need Nutella, you NEED Nutella! I hope this doesn’t mean that the rest of us don’t get Nutella though, that’d be upsetting beyond belief.

I liked waking up at 4am today. It was nice to hear the world waking up. Time to start the day. Let’s go let’s go let’s go!


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