Mon April 22nd 2013

7.16 a.m.

Bob Marley is on the radio – let’s get together and feeeel alright..! I’m so pleased, Spring is here! Have been reluctant to let myself truly believe it, but it’s a been a good few mornings of beautiful, warm sunshine and a weekend of loveliness so I’m hopeful that we’re well on our way, yeah! My muscles are aching this morning, such a good feeling – the feeling of change, love it! I don’t feel like a workout has done enough unless I feel this effect afterwards – the tangible sense that I’ve pushed through some kind of barrier is satisfying – very pleased although yesterday evening I could barely walk because my calf muscles felt so strained & on the verge of cramp. Again though, I found that satisfying. Cool.

Yawn yawn yawn! Yawning a lot this morning. Yesterday was a good day, had a productive morning, then went out for lunch with friends which was really good fun, came back, watched Return of The Jedi and enjoyed it more than I’ve ever enjoyed it before. It was completely absorbing  – went through lots of emotions and actually welled up at the end when Luke & Anakin have their final conversation..Actually also welled up at the very end but thinking about it, I tend to do that anyway. Ha, something very amusing about the level of emotional involvement reached this morning, though I’m quietly proud that I am able to allow myself to be so absorbed in things these days. It’s almost as though I’m losing the fear of really letting things go in. Anyway, loved it! So much depth to the landscape, mythology, positive meanings, concepts that are, to my mind, deeply philosophical although my opinion is obviously swayed by the fact that the sound of a lightsabre still ranks as one of the COOLEST sounds ever. Still so thrilling.

Hmmm. My brain is swirling with ideas for this script but I can’t quite get it to a point where it feels like a workable, tight film script, yet. It’s got potential, I think, but it’s missing punch, and with my new idea for how to play it, I need to now work it all out which is quite daunting! That said, challenge is good and it’s satisfying coming up with ideas and stories – just hope I can make the leap and get these concepts into a form that actually translate well into a film. Need to get qualified and start earning some money so I can get myself a lil camera and start to work to understand the wonder of film making!

Dreams. I don’t remember them today. My brain is quite a lot quieter than usual this morning. Must be because I’m so groggy today, in a comfy way – definitely need some breakfast. Here’s to an amazing day!


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