Tues April 23rd 2013

7.06 a.m.

Dreams. I have some fragments in my mind. One, a glass building to the right, a wide open space & blue skies with streaks of white cloud. Crisp day. The sun shining, like the perfect winter day, when it’s refreshing and bracing but bright & makes you want to get up in the morning and let it clear out your mind and body. The Queen of some Nordic country arrives on a reindeer driven sledge – I comment that it must be a nice way to travel. Me and Billy discuss Episode I – I explain that I nearly missed it. As we are standing talking, I see a Ford KA pull up to the glass building, turn left and go through the double doors – the doors don’t open, the KA ploughs through but doesn’t seem to cause any major damage. Inside this building, I ask about the lifts. Billy smirks and says that they’re all Apple sized standard lifts. I say okay. In the lobby waiting for a lift, 2 Chinese girls – one extremely petite, one a bit bigger, are talking. We recognise each other – they joke and say that they are going to play a joke on someone and point to the toilet cubicles. I say I hate the cubicles and want to go to my room as soon as possible because I don’t want to use the horrible loos – they barge into one of the cubicles where another girl, with blonde hair, is standing, watching the water spill onto the floor. Really bizarre. In another dream, I’m talking to Van, who is being a bit of an arsehole. I can’t remember what exactly we talked about, I think he was talking about a couple of dates he’d had, or maybe some journey he’d been on, or he was being mean about people he had seen or something. In another dream, we’re on some kind of journey, but I can’t remember anything else. Wonder what my subconscious is trying to pass through into the conscious today. Perhaps it’s just working through stuff – perhaps one day I’ll be able to travel by reindeer driven sledge. I like that idea. Another stunning morning – very pleasing!

Today will be a good day! Have lots of the usual stuff to get through and I feel great when I get through loads of stuff and don’t waste the day doing nothing. Hasn’t happened for quite a while! I’m realising that I’ve moved to a point where my least active day is still way beyond the productivity levels I would have hit when I was actually going to an office every day. Absolutely starving hungry. Will get on and get breakfast. No madness in my mind this morning! Must have let it all out yesterday…!

Nutella. Porridge. Tea. Sweeet!


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