Sun April 28th 2013

8.30 a.m.

It’s beautiful this morning!

I’ve decided to write in bed as I am feeling really groggy and as it’s Sunday, I suppose I can justify something of a lie – in to myself, yeah! Quite fancy watching a bit of Sunday morning TV with breakfast, although the concept of it is better than the reality, I find. Ho hum.

Dreams. Bugger. I had dreams in my head when I woke up and now they’re gone. Bugger. Birds singing outside, the sound of a piano. The occasional car drives by but it’s occasional, not so frequent as to drown out the sounds of Spring. It’ such a beautiful day, would be great to spend it outside. I’m sure Dave would be up for that.

Yesterday was fun. We ended up making a big lunch which I really enjoyed doing; cooking is a very satisfying activity – and I’m glad it wasn’t a completely unhealthy meal that we served up! Went to the cinema and watched Oblivion; very enjoyable, the special effects were pretty amazing, anyway. I also like Tom Cruise so that helps, a lot of folk give him a hard time but ultimately, I think he’s a very good actor. The film created a real landscape – it was very atmospheric and well done, but I don’t think I’ll ever feel the need to see it again. Some films are just like that.

I shouldn’t have eaten that Flake bar yesterday. Admittedly I hadn’t had any dinner, so it wasn’t ridiculously indulgent calorie – wise, but I still feel rubbish about it now. Why eat it knowing that I’ll feel crap about it afterwards? That’s utterly moronic, isn’t it? To do something despite knowing that it’s bad you, both physically and mentally. Hmm. Although, I think there’s a term for that kind of compulsion, isn’t there… Addiction therapy, anyone?

I’m having one of those “time – is – running – out” kind of mornings. I don’t feel really stressed out or anything, I just have a niggling sense that I need to keep the momentum going because I’m going to lose it if I’m not careful. Need to get this script done, for this short, get going on how to DO stuff, plenty to do. And the PT stuff! I’m busy, but everything is so “long – term” at the moment that it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees sometimes. Still, when I’ve made progress and look back, I’ll be saying “wow, I got through that awful phase when I was at home doing all this stuff, feeling like I might lose it, or go crazy, or worst of all, give up.”

Hmm. Hmm. I don’t know. The world is awake. The hum of the cars going by is becoming more and more frequent. It feels like – Oh, it’s 9am! Bugger! Have to get on with the day, loads to do. Wow, time really flies in the morning..!

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