Fri May 3rd 2013

6.34 a.m.

I’m up! Set the first alarm for 5.45 with the most ambitious of intentions – get the workout in before heading into London type thing, but realistically speaking it’s probably not a good idea as my back continues to twinge and begs for a rest so it can recover fully. Not going to last very long if I don’t listen when I’m being sent a signal and I am fine with an extra recovery day knowing that I won’t fall into the trap of letting it kill progress completely.

A touch nervous about this meeting today, but also not – I’m sure that whatever the outcome, it’ll be an enjoyable meeting and it’s good to get out there and meet people. As always, my primary neuroses focus on stuff that I don’t feel adequate in – what to wear, for example, is always a tricky one – not sure whether to go in pure black, loose top which makes me feel cool & confident, or the white shirt / black leggings combo, which always seems smart.. I don’t know. I think I’ll go with what makes me feel comfortable. Also the black top has the added bonus of making me seem just a touch older than I am, which I think would be helpful when discussing this particular role. In any case, I’m sure it’ll be fun, and wow, the sun is shining right through onto my face now so I can barely see what I’m writing – ah, I need to take off my glasses, done – and then I have a day of meeting friends and the weather looks amazing, so perhaps I can even take a trip to Green Park and spend a bit of time there in the sunshine in between engagements. That would be pretty awesome, actually.

I had lots of dreams last night that I can remember. One involved some kind of crazy gothic building – it was scary, myself, Billy & Van were hanging out – Van was being massively antagonistic – and I remember me and Billy speeding into the entrance of this Gothic castle and realising that somewhere, we’d managed to take a wrong turn. There were scary creatures in a pit below us, some kind of winged leopard. Very loud. Making lots of noise. Another dream involved Ally McBeal (obviously!) – there was some kind of competition. Can’t really remember. Billy wasn’t there. Everyone was gathered at the pool at Westminster Lodge – it was a swimming competition. Interesting. Then everyone was sharing a dormitory, and  I asked John Cage how his performance went- he told me not to ask, as it was too traumatic for him to recount. Another dream involved a flat, 3 guys, all of whom for some reason, seemed to dislike me, so I persuaded them that it would be a good idea to give me a chance – again, we went out to the pool, and haha oh my God this IS bizarre, Robert Pattinson (?!) was swimming and had a go at everyone for being mean to me! Haha. Jim Caviezel doesn’t show up in my dreams, but Robert Pattinson does?! I don’t get it, O subconscious!!!

I have to get on as definitely need to get ready for this meeting. Fun times!


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