Tues May 7th 2013

7.50 a.m.

Woke up a bit late today – interesting as I got to sleep at about 10 last night, so a good long sleep! Woke up with a head full of ideas for this pilot I’m redrafting, which is good and a very positive development. I did have dreams in my head but now can’t quite remember them, dammit! In any case I got a very good sleep shift in, which I am always grateful for. The Purple Rose of Cairo was really enjoyable yesterday – I wish she’d just gone into the movie as the cynical side of me predicted that the real world would only offer a painful ending – so sad that I thought that way but there you go, I suppose. Perhaps I’ve finally grown up? Nah. I wanted her to go into the movie. That’s a sure fire sign that the idealist in me lives on! Yeah!

Another beautiful day! It’s so wonderful waking up to this kind of sunshine coming through the window every morning. Always really pleasant when friends come over, both mine and Billy’s moods were fraught and he is a good person to have around in that situation as he’s so positive he makes you feel silly for being anything but super – duper positive yourself!

Oh God. I can’t believe it’s only a week until my birthday! How does that work? 29. Scary. Very scary. How am I getting so close to 30? Full of anxiety about not being where I should be in life, sometimes you can feel that you’ve not DONE enough, but I have been reassured that the 30s are the best years. Just hearing a story on the radio about the issue of a load of girls and children who were kept tied up in a basement in Cleveland – fucking hell. Scary. So much scary stuff going on in the world. How do you get to the point where you do that? How do you cope if you are one of those people? So much scary stuff. Although, there are always heroes as well as villains.

My eyes are watery and my nose is runny, the pollen count must be up. Today will be good – need to do some PT stuff, writing, and get myself into that positive groove. Yeah! First step. Breakfast.

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