Sat May 11th 2013

7.55 a.m.

Saturday! Birthday weekend! Yeah! It’s so childish, I know, but once a year, on my birthday, and increasingly, around my birthday, I feel like I want to be treated like Birthday Girl not only on the day itself, but a few days prior so I can have a few more days of feeling special. Not that my days aren’t generally nice, but I suppose it’s my justification for being the centre of attention for a few days.

I can’t believe I forgot to do these notes yesterday. Waking up late threw my schedule out of whack, completely. Completely forgot as I was pre – occupied with fitting a workout in before going over to a friends’ place to help her upload her showreel material. Have an audition today, should be fun! Excited! It’ll be my first with an actual film script to work from, and I’m reserving judgement on the script itself until after the audition so I go in with a 100%, positive attitude and don’t give myself any excuses to be down on the opportunity. The timing is great too, as it’s at 3.40, and I’m meeting my best friend at 5, so it’s nice that no one is going to have to wait around for anyone else.

Don’t remember my dreams this morning. I don’t feel mega groggy (but I am angry..!) so perhaps I woke up at the right time. I remember my dreams from yesterday – we were in Manchester, myself, Eddy, Leona, waiting for someone to arrive; some kind of personality. Then, we were in a house, with low ceilings – it felt dark, cobwebs everywhere, and this place had these doors – really thin, wooden doors, that were like shutters – the ones that you see in saloons in Westerns. I then commented on how much I loved those kinds of doors, how much I’d love to have them, then pointed out that spiders like them too – pointing at a huge spiderweb right next to my head, with a HUGE spider spinning away. Funnily, in my dream, I wasn’t too scared of it, but it seemed to put me off those doors. Hmm. In another portion of the dream, I was getting my flute priced up – and somehow, don’t know how, ended up having to buy the flute that Billy got me for free, back, for £340! Strange. In another dream, I was in a meeting room, big windows; busy – but then, everyone except one person had to go to another meeting and I was left in the room with this guy and it was uncomfortable and awkward. Strange.

It a nice – ish morning, but I hope the sun really comes out later so that I can walk to my audition from Kings Cross rather than getting the tube. It’s such a pleasant walk when it’s sunny and it’d be a shame to miss it. Excited about seeing my best friend today – and then, seeing Into Darkness!! Doesn’t get much better as far as a day goes, does it? Want to go to some music festivals and stuff this summer, get stuck in – it’s a shame to waste these events – there’s so much going on all the time! A bit worried about scheduling clashes with things in June, but that’s not really worth worrying about at this stage. All I want to do today is do my best at this audition, enjoy it, and enjoy my day. Woohoo!

Nothing too complicated or stressful in my head this morning now, thankfully. Just hunger. And an excitement about the day ahead; I get to go to a casting which is great experience, see my best friend for whom I am so thankful, and see the new Star Trek movie which I am BEYOND excited about because I just know it’ll be awesome and made even more awesome by the coolness of going to see it at the IMAX and at midnight! Spaceships! Yeah! Then, tomorrow, my family arrive for a meal & an afternoon of gathering around the TV, all comfy, to watch The Hobbit – what’s not to be happy about? Yeah! 


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