Mon May 20th 2013

7.44 a.m.

Dreamt of a theme park. Saw the Thunder Looper go wrong – saw the rollercoaster fall off the tracks, taking down another ride in it’s wake. The other ride was one of those Ripsaw type things, where you sit and are suspended at strange angles before being spun around randomly as you rotate around the axis of the main frame of the ride. Saw a couple of rows of people being thrown from that too. Scary. Funnily though, it didn’t seem like a massive surprise in the dream – as though the knowledge that the ride had failed before was present and it wasn’t new news. Walked ‘round the park, climbing, at one point, inside what felt like the different cabin levels of a boat – it was on the water,  at strange angles sometimes, but I just needed to trust that I’d be okay. In a different part of the dream, or perhaps, the same one, there were a couple of people who all seemed to know each other.  One of them, a woman, parachuted her way from one side of the park to the other – which was confusing but I seem to remember that her parachute didn’t actually open until she had landed, rendering it completely useless, or possibly even a hindrance. What else? What was I dreaming of as I woke up this morning? Something to do with being encouraged, somehow. Being encouraged to do something. I can’t quite remember. I have Gloria by Van Morrison in my head this morning; such a great song!

Yesterday was great fun! The cake was spectacularly nice – so light and fluffy – it was like eating sweet air, almost. Eggless technology’s come a long way, baby! Got some AWESOME stuff to go with the video recorder – a tripod, a 64GB memory card (YEAH!), carry case for the equipment AND a spare battery, which I consider to be a stroke of genius. How awesome is that?! Watched through some of the stuff we filmed and it all looked great, so it’s good times all ‘round. Looking forward to getting stuck in and making some awesome films! Yeah!

Really good to see a drama school friend yesterday too; it was nice of her to come over. I completely understand where she’s coming from on a lot of the stuff she says; we’ve become kindred spirits over the last few months, which is surprising but cool.

Oooh I’m really excited about putting together my first short! Hope it doesn’t cause any conflict situations but I’m sure it’ll all be fun & worrying about stuff is completely pointless. I’m really learning that now. The only thing I am noticing in myself is a strange possessiveness of the project; a fundamental character flaw that I have carried around with me for years and I thought I had curbed, somewhat, but clearly I still have work to do, as it’s an entirely unhelpful trait.

Time to get on with the day. It’ll be a good one! Loads to get on with, though first things first, I have the bringers of beautiful cake next door & they’ll be wanting tea! And I want porridge. Consistency is good.



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