Tues May 21st 2013

8.05 a.m.

Somehow managed to switch off the alarm this morning – distinctly remember it going off, but must have hit the “Dismiss” button unwittingly. Quite sleepy this morning!

Have a recollection of a dream – film set. All dark – various locations. One of the older guys from school was in it, as the main guy, and I saw the main characters (I had been brought in to help out as an extra, I think). I saw that the final guy in the line – up of suits playing the main roles was Van. I remember a room full of people, and a really strict teacher – type; he picked 20 or so people, and instructed them to get practicing. The rest were to stay behind for further instruction/teaching. One of the girls was very upset that she’d be told to stay behind. Another segment was set up in a jail cell – it was slightly flooded. Felt like it was underground –   all very grimy. Another fragment was of a hall full of people trying to learn a routine; the guy asked how many people had actually been to classes at Pineapple – most raised their hands – he replied that it wasn’t the end of the world. Then, a conference room, U – Style table layout – the only person I remember from it was someone who I used to work with who I always considered to be quite cold. I was then right at the back of the room with a girl who I went to school with who wasn’t exactly a friend of mine. She was very good friends with a friend of mine, but I never really got to know her.  Always fascinating how these minor players crop up in dreams in bizarre places. We were talking about her parents’ alcoholism and how worried she was that she was slipping down the same path. As she talked to me, Van approached with another person who I can’t remember; both were really friendly. We all seemed to be familiar with each other. Then we had to go outside, and all around, as though on some kind of acting drill. We all dispersed at the very end. As we walked back, I saw a guy who I went to primary school with (and who I still consider to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever known) run past; I was walking back with yet another minor player from primary school – a girl who started in Year 3 and had a really strong Brummy accent. Strange. This dream is so full of minor players from my past. Just goes to show the impact of every person, experience, and the power of the subconscious to store memory. A dance hall, a jail cell, open woodland, steps leading back into a building (felt like school).  Strange.

It’ll be good to be in London for a few days this week; get out of the house, see people, write in a different environment. Should be good. What else is on my mind? Woke up late, so going to work out before breakfast – strikes me as a better way to do things. Finished version 8 of my script, so let’s see how it’s looking. Now need to knuckle down and get used to editing things, create a solid narrative and stuff. Then look at film footage and practice editing it all together, get it looking good. Lots of learning happening!

Was so sad to hear that Ray Manzarek died. I’m still amazed by how powerfully you can be affected by the death of someone who you don’t actually know, but who has touched your life in some way through their art. Something of their creativity lives in you with every moment that you spend appreciating what they have shared with you. That creative energy takes on a life inside you, mixes with all the other stuff you have swilling around, and creates some new kind of feeling, or experience, or thought inside you, and becomes part of your inner creative world. It becomes a component part of the energy and ideas that influence and create your own unique art, on a level that you can’t even consciously comprehend. It’s cool.

Anyhow, lots to be getting on this morning. First things first; workout. Feels strange to be saying that rather than BREAKFAST(!) but there you go. Here’s to an awesome early morning workout!


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