Fri May 24th 2013

7.08 a.m.

Today I’m writing from my best friends’ place – curious to know how it impacts the style, thoughts & handwriting this morning. She always inspires me to think in a “tidier” way, somehow, so let’s see how deep the impact of that goes. Perhaps it won’t change at all! Let’s see.

Really tired – would like to be able to get a couple of extra hours, but I guess that’s what Sunday morning will be for, when all set duties have been attended to, and family stuff has been sorted too. Finding that recovery week is actually rewardingly tiring; though the amount of walking I’m doing is impacting my shin at bit – might give the formal workout a miss today as the day will bring at least 90 minutes of walking which is more than enough exercise for a muscle recovery day!

Had a lazy evening last night; nice healthy meal and some mini chocolate bites for dessert which tasted so damn good! Really enjoying chocolate these days – perhaps because I’m having less of it and really only have it when I feel that I’ve earned it. Hmm. Is that actually true, or am I just saying it? I’m not actually sure! My brain isn’t capable of thinking back through all the chocolate I’ve consumed to check. Still, the meal was lovely, and the chocolate was very enjoyable. I also saved up my tea “ration” for the day, so I whiled the evening away with a warm brew in my hands, which was wonderfully comforting. There’s nothing like a chat with someone you trust completely to clear out the mess of your brain; talking through some of the issues of the day really helped me to get things into perspective – the truth of situations and people, good and bad. I’m lucky. I don’t know how many people are fortunate enough to find a friend who they can relate to strongly (and vice versa); I’m often struck by our similarities, but also our differences, which somehow complement each other in a positive way that allows a well – received & well – intentioned perspective when needed. Complete trust is also very rare; it’s a wonderful feeling.

Thinking about it, I’m lucky on lots of counts, when it comes to friendship. I have some truly wonderful friends. They are all different, but they are all wonderful human beings who I respect. Sometimes I feel sorry for Billy, he’s made the catastrophic mistake of entering into a relationship with me; I’m a good friend and very forgiving, but expect a lot from a best friend / life partner hybrid. He has a lot to live up to. Perhaps too much.

Can’t remember any of my dreams this morning. My brain is completely frazzled with fuzz from sleep. My body feels tired, but it is also ready for the day ahead – looking forward to walking around – I love London. Such a great city (when you’re not dragging yourself to work!). My thoughts are flowing onto the page this morning, must be feeling very relaxed. Hmm, I need to go and get some toothpaste from the bathroom. Should get on, actually, it’s 7.25 and I need to make sure I’m ready on time and make sure I have time for breakfast (can’t miss breakfast!). Need lots of nutrition if I’m going to walk around all day. Good 50 min walk from London Bridge to Islington, so a good way to start the day. Who knows, I might even take the “wrong” turn that I always miss and actually get to the right road without having to take that diversion I always end up making. Why oh why do I always make that mistake? Confusing.

Anyway. On with the day. Yeah!


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