Sun May 26th 2013

Tired this morning, late night last night, but great fun! The weather looks beautiful too – the sun’s shining in through the window and its lovely being able to lie in with the warm rays coming onto your face as you slowly come into consciousness. Birthday party yesterday was fun; watching Oscar was great fun too. Thoroughly enjoyed walking through London and finding stuff to film. When you pay attention to what’s around, it’s amazing how much amazing landscape there is to appreciate, both natural and man – made.

There’s a big screen in our dining room and it bothers me. In the end, it’ll be of great benefit, but right now, my associations are negative ones, and I find myself getting anxious about the impact of this new presence. I hope my anxiety is entirely misplaced and that it will, in fact, only be a positive addition to proceedings. We’ll see.

Dreams. I did have dreams in my head this morning – dammit. One of them was looking for something – but I don’t actually remember what or any other details. Dammit! Lay in bed for ages curled up, so the memory faded into the randomness of my brain as it went about the work of waking up. Stuff that’s in my head this morning is predominantly about the weather, the lack of recall I seem to be suffering of my dreams, feeling fat, wanting to connect but knowing it’s a bad idea, The Beach Boys, and a sense of not being sure of how best to spend the day. I guess today, given that Tylor is coming over this afternoon, it’ll be good to simply takes each moment as it comes and enjoy having that freedom – although, admittedly, I’ve really enjoyed being busy. It’s been a nice change, but next week I have lots to do, including learning a language, ha! Let’s see how it all goes.

Stomach is growling at me. Best get eating. Fun!


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