Mon May 27th 2013

9 a.m.

Dreamt of a very busy town, with Billy’s brothers and Billy’s brother’s fiancé and Billy. We weren’t sure of what we wanted to do, exactly, but there was an idea that we’d just wander aimlessly and get a coffee at some point; that’s all I really remember. It was a hot day. Prior to that I was at some kind of networking event – meeting people who want to make independent film but no one seemed to want to learn anything practical. As I left, a guy chatted to me by the window about a project and said he’d contact me. In another part of the dreamscape, Eddy was talking about the organisation he’d been talking with, clergy type, who were prepared to entrust him with the leadership of an arm of the organisation and he was considering whether to go for it or not. That was that. The main priest guy came out to see him while we were talking; I was struck by how baby – faced he was. I think we were in some kind of bar – as in Thai food at a pub (not in Thailand), lots of space, seemed like little furniture but it was nice. A bit like the John Keats’ pub on Moorgate I used to go to with Dave when I worked nearby.

Lots of thoughts about pictures. I’m interested in photos – as the still image is vital for me to understand in the context of making this film, naturally. What does a single, static image say about someone – where they were, are; what story does an image tell? I like it. It’s interesting.

It was fun going out yesterday. I’m glad we made the effort as we could have missed out on the spectacular weather which would have been awful. It was nice to bump into friends too! Feel like I should get on with the day as Tylor is here and porridge is on the hob (woohoo!), but my brain feels kind of slow this morning and a lie – in would have been a good option.

That said, why complain? Silliness. On with today (the best day)!


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