Sat Jun 1st 2013

10.30 a.m.

Slept soo well! Still feel like I could mong out completely in bed with very little trouble; might even indulge myself! Dreamt of a film – Billy was in it, as was Michael. I remember a scene which was very strange – an improvised scene between them – but they did the outro first and then were criticised by the audience for performing such rubbish. The answer is of course that the choice was limited – you’re either – man, I don’t even know what that was just then! Literally NO idea. Oh well.

A profile of Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhosle is on Radio 4, which is really interesting – amazing how much cultural significance music always holds.

In another dream, Bruce Lee was choreographer on a film and was getting a telling off for being dangerous – especially as one woman was pregnant and got injured and somehow he was getting the blame. It was sad, and an ugly scene. Not sure where it was in the sequence of dreams. Another feature film, some kind of romantic comedy / drama which was being acclaimed as a classic example of independent film – making but I thought it was all a bit gratuitous at times. Ah well, there you go. I also dreamt about the brother of a friend from mine from school; he was younger, so my last memory of him is as a teenager. In this dream, he was a heroin addict. Hmm. Wonder where that could possibly have come from..? I was at my friends’ house; it was really dark and dingy, but definitely the same house I’d visit when I was younger.

My shoulder is hurting today, probably because, rather stupidly, I walked with a shoulder bag and put a lot of pressure on one shoulder as I walked, and I walked a lot yesterday. Went from Kings Cross to Tottenham Court Road, then from Tottenham Court Road to Moorgate, then Moorgate to St. Pauls, and then St. Pauls to Farringdon. Then to the station and back. Some of those aren’t too insane distance wise, but over the day, that’s quite a lot of walking. I love it, though. London is a great place to walk.

So sleepy this morning but happy! Going to have porridge, (to Nutella….? Serious questions..!) and then maybe indulge myself and go back to bed. Yeah!


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