Sun June 2nd 2013

7.07 a.m.

It’s a beautiful morning! Woke up with the sun shining through the window onto my face, which is my favourite way to wake up!

Dreamt about planning this fitness regime – I remember walking down this really long road that leads to the train station and discussing the details of this programme that we were going to design. I remember a group of people on their bikes who were planning to go on a long ride and each had a ton of hot chocolate (not literally a ton, obviously) attached to their baskets. In the dream, I struggled between being horribly judgemental about how unhealthy they were being, and applauding them because I like hot chocolate. It was a grey day.

Also dreamt about one of those magazine series where you collect pieces of a model – but it was for spaceships so you built your own vessel. In the dream, I was talking to Billy about it – I think we were watching a trailer for it, but it was really intense – think it was in 3-D, or something. Interesting.

Another dream was based in my hometown, in a bed shop – one of those discount places – Eddy said that before I go I should face THAT fear, to which I replied, sure, perhaps I should just pretend to be a really forthright person and not take any crap from this guy! Leona was there too, saying something about Groupon only gave her credits – she was pretty accepting of it, despite mine and Eddy’s being up in arms about it!

So, miraculously, I’m feeling prepared for this audition. I’m kind of relishing the opportunity to be so ridiculously challenged – not fussed about the outcome at all, so it’ll be a good test of character and how I handle stuff when it’s difficult and tough. This is one of the most positive elements of pursuing this career – there are so many challenges to face, and each role you go for makes you step completely out of your comfort zone  which, even if it all goes wrong, is ultimately really good for you and your personal growth & development. So, I’m happy.

Man, it looks like such a lovely day outside, amazing! Do I want to spend the day wandering around London – that’s the question. It looks so damn nice! First things first though, need to get myself up & ready for this audition. Will be fun! I can feel the slight nerves about the whole thing coming on but still, best to just enjoy it; even accept that falling flat on your face (not literally, ha) can actually be quite good for you. It’s cool, feeling that you don’t NEED something; it’ll just be good experience. Yay!!

On with Today. My Favourite Day!!!

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