Weds Jun 5th 2013

9.37 a.m.

Well. Long long sleep! Absolutely exhausted! Glad I was able to catch up on a few lost hours.

Dreamt of a caravan that we owned. We, in this case, means me and my Dad. I ran there for a break / retreat, and there was a Chinese family living there – odd, as though they had their own quarters within, and the father would walk through the main room of the caravan and into the pantry, as though it was their place. Confusing. For some reason, I was uncomfortable, but I don’t remember having any reason for being so, except that it was dark and I was alone. In another dream, I was at the house of a friend – and Plato was 7 years old or so, and he was the most wonderful boy! Really sweet natured, intelligent, and handsome. There was a cleaner wandering around the flat cleaning stuff, something dramatic happened, but I don’t remember what, exactly. Also dreamt of walking along with one of my acting teachers; we were simply catching up on what we’d both been up to. I have a fleeting memory of sitting in a room with my parents, aunt and uncle, cousins.. Weird as my parents were together. Happens a lot in dreams, I notice. In this dream, it was as though it had just happened; they had just reconciled. Mum went over and played with Dad’s hair, in a romantic, playful way, which surprised my Aunt. Mum looked younger – and she was dressed up. Dad had long curly hair, but he didn’t have it wrapped up in a turban. Interesting. Another dream was about someone coming out as being gay, I think, but I don’t really remember the details of that one. Not even who it was.

Loved going to the park and gazing at the clouds while I listened to albums yesterday. My idea of good times! Shapes forming in the imagination, amazing. One of life’s pleasures, I think, letting your imagination run wild. Horses heads..Chariots..Dolphins emerging from the sea..I remember listening to Astral Weeks and seeing a chariot form, move slowly towards me, before continuing on it’s journey to another cloud. I recall the image of a man emerging from the ocean in slow motion as Naima played. Amazing.

Positive positive positive. Absolutely no point in giving any credit whatsoever to negative thoughts. Positivity is key. Today will be a good day, lots to get through, and I’ll get through it. Yeah!



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