Thurs Jun 6th 2013

8. 41 a.m.

Need A LOT of sleep at the moment! Lots of dreams in my mind at the moment. One involved Woody; we were at his house, with his family. His brother, his brothers’ girlfriend.. Bizarrely, he didn’t look like him, he looked like a character who was in Home & Away years and years ago – I think his name was Damian?! Anyway, we were all sitting on the sofa, watching a movie – we were all familiar with each other. I remember a couple of specific events; one, cold water was poured down my back. Also, his brother, and brothers’ girlfriend spent a lot of time explaining to me that his brothers’ arms had almost no feeling in them, but he could fully control them. Strange. At a later point, this became a full – blown family event – not sure what it was in honour of, or anything, but it was good fun. In the dream, the brother was involved in every way – some of it was spent in an underground complex where cars were being re-engineered & hoisted up by cranes and swung in the air. Something dramatic happened, a car fell from the crane, or something, while I was there.

Strange. The car was yellow – in fact, black and yellow was the theme of the complex itself. At one point, I was walking down the street, a long street, all the shops were closed and it was grey, and there were crossroads, and it felt a bit like the area in my hometown at the place where the New Town becomes the Old Town. All the shops felt old. Something about a policeman here, but I can’t quite remember.

Another dream was about the wedding of one of my friends’ and her fiancé. It was all planned out, and formatted, and we had a script, with a playlist on it. The playlist included something starting with “P” by Coldplay, from their first album, but not the song “Parachutes.” Also some other choices that I thought were cool, it was interesting that the song from the Coldplay album was stated as being “their” song. Anyway, all seemed nice. The link here is an obvious one. My friend wrote to me yesterday inviting me to the wedding, so I’m looking forward to that.

Any others? There definitely were a few. One dream involved the computer; I remember seeing something about the keyboard. Not sure what that’s about. Definitely one strong player in my dreams last night, which is interesting. Another dream was based at the place I used to work; I was outside, having some kind of meeting or something, but I’d definitely left already, and was outside for an air break – one of my friends complained of a headache; I gave him a head massage which seemed to help. Then someone, who I didn’t recognise, called Steve, came out for a break. I said I’d rush up and get something and come back; he came with me, and I asked him what was wrong as he seemed distressed. He said he was concerned about this trip he was going on to the Lake District because he felt that that he wasn’t liked. There was some money issue. Then I was in the kitchen, the one by reception, making myself a cup of tea. I couldn’t really find the stuff – one of the mugs was one of Dad’s, so I stuck to that one, couldn’t find a kettle and then saw something that I thought was the kettle – found out it was the toaster..! Eventually, I managed to have TWO cuppas on the go. Bizarre. My final memory of the dream was sitting in a meeting room with someone, don’t remember who, discussing the fact that this really bitchy girl I used to work with was coming back as a contractor. The funny thing was, the person I was talking to had her tone and attitude. Perhaps there is a lesson about projection here.

Shocked by my ability to sleep at the moment. Feel like I should take advantage of it to the max. That said, this workout regime is tiring, and I’m at a certain stage of the monthly hormonal cycle, so I suppose it makes some kind of sense. I am also absorbing a load of new ideas, so that makes sense too.

Looking forward to the day ahead. Plenty to do, but looking forward to doing it and feeling that sense of accomplishment. God, it’s 9 am! This is the latest I’ve actually slept to in ages. I’m pleased, I guess I’m finally catching up on my 4 month bout of insomnia at the beginning of the year, and I suppose it’s healthy and a good sign that I’m relaxing a bit more and can catch up.


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