Sun Jun 9th 2013

8.15 a.m.

Dad’s doing a 10k walk/run thing today! WOW! So excited and pleased for him! Have sent both he & Ernie a message this morning wishing them both luck in their respective ventures. So pleased and excited for both of them. What inspiration!

I have dreams in my head. One dream was of a damp, dark night; an evil sorceress was involved. Scenes from a computer game – one of these Baldur’s Gate type ones – she was wearing dark blue, had evil looking eyes full of malcontent and a cackle like none I’ve ever heard before. A group of live toys hiding in the grass below a tree, waiting to make their escape. Among them, 2 small chess pieces, one blue, one yellow, bouncing along the grass in the darkness to sanctuary as the evil sorceress was distracted. It was raining. Somehow, I was one of these toys, or at least, part of this captive group, and I was running for dear life with them from this horrifying situation. We ended up at my secondary school, running through the corridors;  I saw other toys taking different routes and running into different exits, and wondered whether that was where they had been directed to go for the purposes of the film. I continued to run, with the chess pieces, and a big snake thing (it had a friendly face sewn onto it) and suddenly saw one of the D&T teachers (notably, I didn’t ever have him for class when I was a student at the school); he saw us, led us into his classroom and closed the door behind him. He started to “log” on – I remember he wrote down “Mickey” in his log, in reference to one of the chess pieces. I wasn’t sure if he was on our side or not.

In another dream, I was with friends from university and we were in the lobby of this building and for some reason, the lift would arrive and no one would go to it – they waited to use the lift on the left, as did I. I didn’t understand the policy, but went to the lift and pressed the call button in an attempt to get the right (left) lift to come down and pick us up. It appeared, but they still didn’t get into it, so I ended up calling them over, holding it for them as I waited in the lift for them to join me. Eventually they came over, one of them didn’t, and then, three of us were forcing the lift open until this one friend came into the lift to join us.

Then, we were in the bar of a restaurant; we took the final table available. There was talk of having a meal at this place and then getting Japanese food afterwards. I was confused, stated that it was fine with me but I was broke and wouldn’t be eating the second meal. I remember thinking that 2 meals for dinner was a bit mad, too. Then, 2 of the friends disappeared. Don’t know how, or why, or where they went. A garlic bread starter arrived – I had no recollection, in the dream, of ordering it. My friend muttered something about Tex – Mex, which I couldn’t comprehend. The restaurant had the same feel of some of the restaurants of previous dreams; marble floors, modern lighting, and a colour scheme that somehow reminds me of the outside of a temple we used to visit as a family when I was young. Then, the friends who had disappeared returned, with another girl from school, who I remembered got bullied a lot and I always felt awful about it because I never spoke out about it. She began to chat to me about how her Mum was angry with her for playing football. I looked over to a queue of people waiting for a table and stated that I felt bad for taking up a table given that we were planning to go elsewhere. Then, the girl from school had to go, and her brother appeared – and her brother (who I didn’t meet when we were at school together), was one of my friends from uni too! Haha! So he appeared, being himself, making jokes, hanging out with us, and that was that. Somehow, the dream with the toys was connected to this, but I can’t remember how.

Strange dreams..! I am what I do! I’m doing. My motivation is back, yeah! My shoulder has a twinge this morning, I think I slept at a funny angle. Anyway, starving hungry.. Time for breakfast. Oh bugger, the kettle’s broken – sad times indeed..!


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