Friday Jun 14th 2013

8.37 a.m.

In my brain are the following fragments: a conversation with Data from Star Trek about the importance of dieting correctly when on the search for a mate. This was a complete conversation, a topical debate, and from what I remember, he raised some interesting points. Another fragment involved some people from drama school; we were all together somehow, in London, and it had emerged that our teacher, as well as running a drama school, ran a dating service. Haha. So we got copies of his cards and were having a really hearty laugh about it. At this point in the morning, I don’t really know what was so funny about that, but it was hilarious in the dream. Then, I was with one of the girls, a Liverpudlian – I guess we were staying together but in the bit I remember we were parting ways; I needed to get to Tottenham Court Road so I walked away from wherever we were. Didn’t even say goodbye, really, and then I was walking, unsure of whether I was going in the right direction. I then got onto a train and remembered that I needed to check whether I’d got my wallet. Searched frantically, didn’t have it, and then, on second inspection, I realised that I did. Got on the train and was behind this woman who insisted on letting these two girls go in front of her as we all tried to get off the train, but they didn’t understand that she was letting them though, so they all just stood there, as did the rest of us, until we all had to rush off the train before the doors closed. Then, I had to walk to Tottenham Court Road station and wasn’t sure of the way. In my dream, I remember I wanted to follow my instinct and was pleased to realise that the way I had chosen to follow felt familiar. Then I saw a sign for the station – the road was one long straight – then I got to the point of being confident that I knew where I was going. I remember wondering whether I’d see a familiar face on the Central Line. Perhaps I was going to shoot a film? I don’t remember.

Another dream involved Mum. We were all at our old house, getting ready for something or other and suddenly, Mum summoned us all into a room, which was mine & Billy’s room at our flat, and asked us whether we had any thoughts on what we could do next. No one seemed to have any ideas. Strange.

Must remember to do some basic stuff this week. Ate so badly yesterday – it’s taking a lot of neural energy to cancel out the thought patterns that accompany such a blip but, realistically, one day of indulgence is hardly likely to be the end of the world. Was also pleased yesterday – a small idea ended up being the first draft of a short film, so it wasn’t all bad.

Billy is stressed out and getting ill as a result. It worries me. I really want him to take a holiday and relax. He’s never deserved it more. Hopefully he’ll listen to my wisdom! Still, must learn to stop trying to control it all.

Starving hungry!! Breakfast time. Makes me happy!

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