Sun Jun 16th 2013

9.21 a.m.

Oh dear. I’ve contracted some kind of bug, no fun at all. Never mind. Hopefully it’s just due to spending time gardening in the rain yesterday and catching a chill, rather than a bona fide bug that’s going to last for a few days. That would be the absolute pits.

Yesterday was really good fun. It was nice to fill the day with different activities and hang out with different people over the course of the day. It seems more fun these days; my stamina tends to wear off after a while, but I enjoy it more at the moment! I feel good at the moment in the sense that I’m more confident in myself and have a more positive approach to new situations i.e. they are nothing to get worked up about, they’re full of opportunity and you never know the outcome of anything before it happens so enjoy it! Not a bad way to look at things.

Dreamt of New York last night. Of an apartment. All of the furniture was black and it was one of those apartments where the wall was all glass and the windows were so clear it looked like you could walk straight out onto the air and float momentarily above the busy city streets. Someone was filming a commercial out there. I’m not sure if it was me doing it, or if I was there as some kind of attaché. Not sure at all. I also dreamt of a small corner shop of some kind, but the details elude me now. Can’t remember fully. I’m sure more dreams will come to me later, as I had quite a disturbed sleep and they tend to hang around more when the sleep pattern is disrupted.

Today should be fun! Will be fun to hang out with Dad & Eddy, hopefully we’ll do some fun stuff. Always chilled. I can’t remember what I was going to write because the radio is on in the other room and the TV is about to come on and that’s what I’m focusing on. My head’s hurting!

I’m sure porridge will help the situation. Hmm. I feel kind of insulted that it’s not quiet but then, I’m not sure that’s entirely fair. I don’t know. I suppose this is a futile exercise when there’s so much noise going on, both within and without and you can’t even think. Annoying. Urgh!

Okay, going to eat porridge, drink tea, and calm down. Priorities.


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