Mon Jun 17th 2013

7.51 a.m.

I have an actual paid acting job! Yeah! It’s a good feeling; will be spending a decent amount of time getting myself into the right frame of mind to make the most of the experience tomorrow. Will be fun!

Dreams. Do I have any in my head? Umm. Not that I can remember right now. Actually, I woke up to the alarm at 6.15 and switched it off on the grounds that I can justify a bit of a lie in as tomorrow will be such a long day – but actually, it seems silly as I have a lot to do and probably shouldn’t waste time as I will simply run out of time to get all the things I need to get done if I’m not careful. Need to make myself look dowdy tomorrow too. Ha, probably not too hard.

Had a fun day yesterday with Dad and Eddy; I think Dad was in a good space and was feeling good about his run and everything. It was good to see him feeling so happy and engaged. Completing that really has done him the world of good, which makes me happy. Felt like I may have eaten a lot, but no real harm done on that score, I suspect. My handwriting is terrible this morning! Bugger. Never mind. I suppose I should let myself off considering it’s first thing in the morning. It’s cool having lots of stuff to do, and some acting work in the bag. Long may this continue! My brain is dulling in tone this morning. Focusing now on the radio, occasionally worrying about tomorrow. First day on set feels like the first day at a new job, but that’s exciting too, so not something to dread as much as anticipate. It’s all good.

Feeling like I’m running late this morning. Don’t know why I’m feeling that – it’s not like that at all. I suppose I should get up and start the day, have to learn lines and stuff. My plan is to learn in little chunks over the course of the day, rather than all in a one-er – so I sit for 20 mins and learn a scene at a time so it really goes in. Also need to make sure I can jump in and out of that accent without a hint of difficulty. Transition must be smooth!

Still have this annoying bug. Hopefully it’ll subside soon. Fingers crossed.

Porridge. Tea. Yeah!


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