Weds Jun 19th 2013

7.56 a.m.

Tired this morning – don’t want to get up and do stuff! Yesterday was an awesome day; was up at 5 am to do my workout and some acting exercises, on set at 9am, and by 8pm, at Balans with one of my favourite people in the world having a mammoth catch up! Yesterday went as well as I could possibly have hoped – lovely cast and crew, and I felt that I performed with confidence and professionalism. I’m really pleased with how it went and am positive that I did a good job – mainly because I know that I worked hard to prepare, have been doing my exercises consistently, and feel like an actor rather than someone who depends on the very lottery – like affirmation of getting random bits of work to make me feel that it is what I am. Feels good to have done some acting work, with new people, and really experience a sense of the professional acting world. It’s cool to sit here today and think that I did a day’s work yesterday and am building the foundations of other careers that I am moving towards developing. Good times.

Nutella with porridge for dinner was an incredible present. Billy was so kind yesterday; I love the feeling of coming home after a long day to him and his warmth. I still can’t believe he went out and got me Nutella as a treat. When I texted saying I wanted some, I planned to go to M&S to get myself some before getting onto the train but didn’t have time, so the surprise of having Nutella presented to me in a porridge bowl when I got back because someone is so good hearted that they will go out and get you some as a treat just to say well done in a way that may seem small but matters hugely.. Well, it moved me. I felt lucky. I still do.

So today, I feel good. A credit for 2013! Yay. Onwards and upwards. Just need to keep doing what I’m doing, keep believing, and keep working at everything. It’s worth it. Really felt the benefits of it yesterday, the whole philosophy that you are what you do, and it doesn’t matter who knows it as long as you keep doing it, really applies. I really believe that.

Didn’t have the time for notes yesterday as I was up at 5 a.m. and home at midnight. I am pleased with how I approached the day yesterday – with positivity. I wasn’t crippled with nerves about how the day would pan out or anything – I was genuinely excited and looking forward to a fun day and that’s how it turned out. Was great.

Dreams. Something vague about progressing to something. I can’t really remember though. Dammit! I’m sure it’ll come back to me later. If it does, I’ll write it down.

For now. Time for tea and Nutella and Porridge. Excitement!


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