Sun Jun 23rd 2013

9.40 a.m.

Doing this late today as things went completely off track yesterday; ended up going to sleep at 2 a.m, woke up and didn’t really have the time to write as we needed to get up and have breakfast as Boris is coming over later. Yesterday was a great day; got so much done and it felt easy and relaxed – proof that it’s never worth forcing things – they will happen on the day that they are meant to happen!

I dreamt about my incompetent agent and a girl from drama school who was very nice but I didn’t really know her well. They had managed to get a meeting with someone and we were all trying not to be bitterly jealous of them. I found that I was the least bitter about this development, in the dream. She sat down at a computer and was making jokes – the next thing I remember is that she was my cousin, making jokes, and Dad was here laughing with her. In another memory, we were all out at a restaurant, I had ordered some kind of fish parcel but it didn’t arrive, so I went to the kitchen where I was kindly directed to the actual oven where the Fish Pie was being made and was told that I could take one for myself if I so wished. Strange.

Not much time to do this now, as we’re now having a meeting about the film. Yay! Exciting times!


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